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"It's time to be a man"

“It’s time to be a man”

“It’s not a particularly easy time for me – The attacker admits –, but it is necessary to try to archive it with the right thing to do: apologizing to everyone, the fans, the clubs (which made me feel at home from day one), my teammates (who became my second family over time) and the opponents. It is always said that we young people must gain experience and I have realized that in these difficult moments we learn, grow, analyze mistakes and take responsibility. In these moments, when facing difficulties with the right mindset, one becomes great. There is no point in looking for excuses: anger and frustration at injuries, lack of the ball between the feet and adrenaline in the goal, do not justify any wrong gesture. But they help to understand its roots, to think, to reason and to learn. Perhaps you will improve as a person and as a footballer. It’s time to become a man, age is just a number that won’t stop me from doing it. Now all I can do is turn the page and work hard to build a better future. Come to Basel! “.

Basel in defense of Esposito

After an impressive start, with four goals in his first five league matches, Sebastiano Esposito was suspended with a series of injuries that kept him off the field for nearly three months. For too long the boy’s frustration was inflamed. So it was the same company that defended the position of the Castellammare di Stabia player when, on December 9, he refused to enter the Conference League match against Karabag: “He himself knows that this should not happen and that he is causing huge damage to himself and the team The sporting director of the Swiss club, Philippe Degen, explained. Something had been piling up for weeks. He had been suffering from injuries for a long time and was very patient. But he’s not a bad boy. On the contrary, he is loved, does not allow himself to be adventurous, does not go to parties, and if he is in a good mood, decides on games. But he’s also a boy whose hand you have to hold every day and follow closely.”