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It's the night of the moon, more than 2000 events in the world live at 10:30 pm - space and astronomy

It’s the night of the moon, more than 2000 events in the world live at 10:30 pm – space and astronomy

The International Observe the Moon Night, the global initiative organized by NASA dedicated to the discovery and monitoring of a natural satellite, is back. Nearly two thousand events have taken place all over the world, from the United States to Canada, from South America to the Arabian Peninsula to Europe. About a hundred initiatives in Italy, including those of the Union of Italian Amateur Astronomers (UAI) and the Virtual Telescope Project.

The international designation is an opportunity to propose observations on the telescope dedicated to the moon, which is today in its first quarter, and to deepen topics such as its formation, previous and planned space missions, myths, poetry, music and various artistic expressions inspired by the natural satellite.

In Italy, the special event was organized on October 16 at the Monte Vizighi Astronomical Observatory in La Spezia with the game “Moon” and the observation of stars, the images of which were taken directly by telescopes, on a screen. Telescopes are also targeting our satellite at the Astronomical Observatory of Punta Falcon di Piombino. While the Ravennate Astrofili Rheyta (Arar) Association proposed the “La Luna dantesca” event at the Classense Library in Ravenna.

In the US, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, on the other hand, is organizing a virtual observation and continuing the celebrations with activities on social media, while a live lunar broadcast organized by the British Space Agency is scheduled from the island of Cyprus. .

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