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"It's over with Sirio. We broke up after 7 years."

“It’s over with Sirio. We broke up after 7 years.”

The split goes back to a few months ago, he points out

Former winner of “Amici” talent,

who adds: “Love has always been an incredible storm to me, an incredible adventure from which I have not always come out in the plural” and concludes with a tribute to music and a call to stop talking about the topic: “Music, my life partner, has given me the strength to analyze, understand and inspire myself again. I will not. Back to the topic. Let’s talk about music…”.


card done

Coming out in 2018, live on Sunday Live

: “I love the boy, my family always knows that.”

A year later, he formalized the post with

Sirio Campidelli

On social networking sites, he publishes a picture of him with his companion walking in the streets of Rome. Finally, in 2020, in the living room of “Verissimo”, he admitted that he wanted to marry his partner of 6 years: “I am very fond. When the epidemic is over, we will get married. I want to be able to celebrate it with my family and my family.”

Now the announcement of the end of their love story and thoughtless thoughts, which already tells of a new relationship in progress for the singer, and some evidence will also appear on Instagram. According to rumors, Carta recently spent a romantic weekend in Portofino with her new mysterious love, whose identity is not yet known.

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