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It’s not the first error case

A gruesome feature story with a millionaire credit and then the most incredible subsequent discovery.

Source: Pixabay

Accreditation A character that completely transcends all rules, for the heroine of this story was the beginning of an absolutely incredible story. The Florida woman, after withdrawing at least $20 from an ATM, realized that her checking account was not deposited Beauty 999.985.855,84 dollars. A million practically, like that, without knowing anything, without being able to imagine.

Julia Yonkowski, the hero of the story each other She said that she was terrified by this number, she, a very ordinary checking account holder, did not blink when she saw Shows This figure in his statement, in fact, declared that he was almost afraid of the possibility of danger in who knows what is important. women from consequence Not a penny of this money was touched.

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Million in his checking account: similar precedents, attitudes are not always flawless

women after Thrilling He discovered in his bank account that he had tried unsuccessfully to contact him credit institution, but this was not possible, and therefore the woman had to wait, evidently being careful not to even touch money A certified On his account by mistake at this point. But not everyone has the same morals as this woman, in many cases analogues They act very differently.

clin spadoni, 33 years ago A few months ago, he was accused of mistakenly transferring money from one account to another and beyond, and with that money he was going to buy a car worth about $70,000. let’s talk From a number transferred over a million dollars, get well Only part of the police. A woman partner of the boy also participated in this case.

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Another similar story in Georgia Where a boy suffered from judgment 10 years A test to transfer $30,000 to a checking account without clearly having any rights. Very similar stories in a nutshell but with a somewhat different ending.