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"It's either with us or against us."  China wants to destroy the G7 with anti-sanctions lawقانون

“It’s either with us or against us.” China wants to destroy the G7 with anti-sanctions lawقانون

Boris Johnson is worried. Not so much for the Indian version, which increasingly threatens to seriously jeopardize its victorious reopening plan, as it is for the news from China and Japan. Finally, Prime Minister Shaggy a oriental surprise The G7 is scheduled to be held in Cornwall from June 11-13 next من, which is the first attendance in two years so far. The arrival of Joe Biden, who intends to gather a round of bilateral meetings (including a meeting with Mario Draghi, is already on the agenda) and heightened the importance of Cashing as many blank checks as possible regarding the geo-economic priorities of the United States.

From Tokyo, in fact, came the indiscretion that no head of state wanted to hear: for the first time, during a meeting in the House of Councils hearing committee, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has opened up the hypothesis of canceling or postponing the Olympic Games.. It is natural that Tokyo will not host the Olympic Games if we cannot guarantee the protection of life and public health, number one in government. Pandora’s Box has been revealed, and the worst hypothesis has finally been put forward and taken into account. Moreover, in the official parliamentary sphere. And after a direct attack by the opposition leader (Democratic Congress Party), Tetsuro Fukuyama, according to who The safety of the people is at stake, and the government cannot forcibly force the holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

And the fact that Suga mentioned for the first time how his main quest is now Be able to ease the state of emergency (extended until June 20) He then introduced a little Japanese blame game regarding standards to determine whether the degree of safety was more or less compatible with competitive activities and the generosity of the public, betraying a real fear. The opposition translated, it wants the government to clarify this Olympics can only be held with infection index level 1 or lower (intermittent or no risk)While Suga tries to buy his time. at least, Avoid the G7’s global idiot that’s bringing the world back into virus uncertainty.

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But it is China that frightens Boris Johnson. According to what you mentioned Global Times, in fact, almost entirely contemporary to top business in Cornwall, The Chinese government can introduce the official timing of a new law that already renames the Foreign Sanctions Control Law Which would establish a clear principle that had not been implemented by Beijing before: Either with us or against us. Presented on June 7 to the Standing Committee of the Party’s Thirteenth National Congress, the legislation ensures unprecedented legal support and government guarantees for any Chinese entity that becomes the target of unilateral and discriminatory actions by foreign governments. And the fact that the meeting of the Chinese Politburo ends tomorrow, June 10, opens the door to The possibility of formal communication to start the process, just as the G7 leaders descend from the stairs of their planes.

They are preparing to publish the final document to explicitly condemn global issues that do not fully respect human rights. In fact, it is precisely one of the foreign interference that Beijing intends to nip in the bud with the new law. The same Global TimesIn his presentation of the article devoted to discussion on his social pages, he describes the content of the draft as follows: If approved, the new legislation would allow China to impose sanctions on anyone acting under unilateral measures imposed by the United States and the European Union. So companies and individual entities have to choose whether to follow Western or Chinese law. In fact, as far as the study will be An unprecedented deterrent to prevent foreign governments from reviving the so-called long arm

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That is to say, impose one’s jurisdiction on one de facto globally, A clear break to the idea of ​​American (or European) law regulating the world, from trade to respect for human rights. Moreover, the new plant could impose significant claims to compensate for the violation of Chinese interests on those countries that, as Australia has done in recent weeks, Unilateral withdrawal from previously concluded agreements with Beijing, in this particular case, the Belt and Road Initiative agreement signed by the state of Victoria. What if this scheme

Fonte: Financial Times

Explains what is the immediate effect of Unofficial sanctions imposed by Beijing on imports of Australian wine to mainland ChinaState law hypothesis to this – H Recognized by all those countries that depend on the military economic partnership with China, from many African governments to Russia, from Iran to India – you risk greatly complicating the hidden foreign policy agenda of the Biden administration.

or, Isolate Beijing from the rest of the world as much as possible, using the human rights lock as a Trojan horse For agreements to this effect in international symposia and the use of carrots and sticks Agents Like Moscow or Tehran. Here is how the analysts of Rabobank, the world’s top center for geopolitical analyzes on economic and financial issues, defined what is being studied in these hours: … this would probably leave Western companies damned if they did and damned if they didn’t, a wake-up call for those who haven’t heard any of the alarm bells yet.. And this graph

Penalties 2
Fonte: Bloomberg

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It shows how Germany can be one of the countries most affected by the trade paradigm shift, given that The value of German exports to Beijing in the past 12 months has exceeded $100 billion For the first time ever. Not surprisingly, Angela Merkel expected to sign the EU-China memorandum last December at the end of her current presidency. Equally not surprising, out of respect for moral pressure Joe Biden, Now the European Parliament has put the ratification of that agreement on standby.

Finally, Those who want to deal with Beijing risk dealing with a new approach. too cruel. It is necessary to ask very hard One of the most important topics at the moment, which is Suppliers A world of raw materials and ingredients. Boris Johnson has been sleeping anxiously since Monday night. It must be understood.