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Siamo tutti pazzi per il meteo

It’s delirious, from African heat to snow, from crazy summer to Borian, we’re all crazy about the weather “

Weather: It’s delirious, from African heat to snow, from crazy summer to Borian, we’re all crazy about the weather

We are all crazy about the weather Once they called it a weather forecast, the day became more concise and effective weather forecast, a word of the noblest Greek and Latin origins, but whose essence does not change, man has always attracted the possibility of predicting the weather, at least meteorology; However, its form has changed profoundly, from a television program often a corollary of information, today it is itself information of basic necessity and in some cases of vital importance.

Those who are happy and like to remember Bernaca, then Baroni and Caruselli on Rayono, will be able to appreciate how much progress has been made on this, in fact if predicting the next day until the 1980s is often difficult to undertake, after the advent of supercomputers , reliability has grown exponentially and the one-week forecast has become a reality; But the method of use or the means of communication that have undergone the most radical transformation we can today correctly define revolution.

Today, the weather forecast or the weather, if you prefer, is no longer watched on TV, but is turned on Internet and applications In our smartphones, we entrust everything, even the impossible by investing our beloved mobile phone with superpowers, excessive decision-making skills, and prosthetics of our brains in planning weekendsubordinate Holidays and holidayssubordinate work Based on sportsto organize an outdoor party or wedding or more, but no less important, drying hanging clothes, claim from this or that site, this or that application, reallyunimaginablefrom the time of a single Fantozziana memory cloud to the size of a raindrop or hailstone to the thickness of a single snowflake, forcing unexpected forecasters acrobatic, mostly wrong; but Perhaps this does not matter, it is important to know just when it will be cold, how many centimeters and when it will snow on our country, city or road, if it will reach the city of Burrian, if and at what time the temperature will reach 40 degrees, you will salute on our car.

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But nevertheless, in a file The illusion of information often dictated by needs, Our lives have been marred by that The natural simplicity of uncertainty, where it was basically Surprise to make us more Alivemore happy.