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"It's all my fault," he's referring to

“It’s all my fault,” he’s referring to

A new discovery arrives from the profile of Edoardo Tavassi on Instagram. In fact, Guendalina’s brother appears again after a few days of eloping on social media.

The Edoardo Tavassi show continues on Instagram. Former competitor Celebrity IslandAfter returning to Italy, he entertains his fans on social media through the stories he publishes daily. Already in Honduras, the Romanian hairdresser showed sympathy that we had already had the opportunity to find in his sister, but also remarkable sincerity. Indeed, the dynamics that the protagonist saw, his way of acting and his justifications were created live for host Elari Blasey, and she has always convinced the audience of her authenticity.

After the unfortunate episode that forced him to retire a few episodes before the final, Eduardo Tavasi also spoke of his repetition with the beautiful Mercedes Hinger. The two, after different approaches while on the island and several exiles by him, expressed how he felt in this period but were currently unpredictable towards something more serious. So what happened to Edo this time? What does your latest Instagram data refer to?

The latest reveal of Edoardo Tavassi

As he himself expressed through his social media posts, Edoardo Tavassi is on vacation in Calabria, unlike his sister Guendalina. In fact, ex Givina has spent the past few days in Cersio by the sea with a short stay with Carmen Di Pietro and their children. But the unfortunate week was chosen by the hairdresser, who very much regretted the weather conditions that were waiting for him. In fact, the weather doesn’t seem to be the best: gray clouds currently prevent Edo from spending the scheduled hours in the sun to get a tan due to the entire month of August.

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Ironically, in the usual way that characterizes him, Eduardo Tavasi commented on the situation and blamed himself for everything. Still joking, assume that he is not a carrier of positive energies, and therefore he is the cause of bad weather that spoils his vacation. Those present with him also supported him, confirmed this thesis, and therefore considered him the cause of everything. It would have certainly been better to join his sister in recent weeks and enjoy the sun and the scorching heat of Lazio. In addition, the two had produced an unprecedented series of curtains that their fans miss so much after returning from Honduras.

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