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"It's a beast, but I'm staying here."  So an 80-year-old man was attacked by Roma

“It’s a beast, but I’m staying here.” So an 80-year-old man was attacked by Roma

An old man of about 80 years Brutally beaten Via Salomon in Milan by some Sindhi settlers called “White Houses” Alar. Some of the public apartments in the complex have long been in the hands of irregular occupants, who have illegally connected themselves to the building’s electrical system. Some of the tenants, fed up with this situation and being bullied by the Chondi group, sought the intervention of Alar, who was always a tenant in those buildings, Mr. Raimondo paid the consequences. On Thursday evening he succumbed to the punishment trip while having dinner. But despite everything, he said he was not afraid.

Here I am, and I have not left: I have been there since these houses were built, and I am not afraid. I’m already back and have no intention of leaving“, says A day. Mr. The attack could have had a more serious epilogue if Raimondo had not been prepared to react, but the fact remains that the blows to the face caused him too. Injury to the eardrum, under assessment he suffered damage and 21 days prognosis. “The man acted beast: without speaking, without reason. We don’t behave like that” said Mr. Raimondo, who, despite his strength, was still shocked by what had happened.

Later that day, after initial intervention by Unareddy technicians, they disconnected the unauthorized connection. Electric grid, someone in the building would have tried a new connection that would have started the fire. At that point, the police were called and they presented themselves inside the building via Salomon. “Maybe they saw law enforcement on the street and thought I was the one calling, but I don’t know why they were there at the time.“, the victim continued, trying to understand what had happened to unleash such intense anger on those people as to organize the punitive expedition.

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Mr. Raimondo must now try to forget this terrible experience as soon as possible, even if it is not easy: “This has never happened to me, seventy-eight years old. Unfortunately, that’s us honest Even those who don’t obey the rules have to pay the bill“It is a prevalent feeling in those popular places, where often the good suffer the oppression of the disorderly.