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It's 1994 and Bill Gates welcomes you to Microsoft

It’s 1994 and Bill Gates welcomes you to Microsoft

It was this year 1994Schindler’s List won seven Oscars, Ayrton Senna and Kurt Cobain left us too soon, Roberto Baggio’s damned penalty kick off the crossbar against Brazil. Meanwhile, a new vision regarding computing was taking shape in Redmond and soon an operating system (W95) aims to change the concept of the term personal computer forever. Today we can dive again into this atmosphere thanks to a video he sees Microsoft Then it is number one Bill Gates We welcome new employees to the company.

Welcome to Microsoft: The Nostalgia Effect

The video was shared by .’s YouTube channel Computer History Archives Project, after recovering from VHS and partially recovering. In less than a quarter of an hour, the programming language BASIC, DOS and Windows appeared for the first time in first mouse On a commercial level, the launch of Word and the Internet’s first iteration approach. This is the description provided.

Microsoft created the career orientation movie for new hires in 1994. It includes a brief summary of their successes and a talk by Bill Gates.

In the last section of the video is the instructions of the co-founder of Leading the company to successCreate products that are simple and fun to use, give them personality and make sure they can express their value to each family member who chooses to buy them.

Microsoft’s vision of bringing a personal computer into every office in every home, in this country and around the world, has become a reality. A vast world of information will be accessible to all.

Among the many other pearls recovered by the Computer History Archive Project, there is also history The world’s first portable TV Dated 1959, in Felco Safari. We recommend browsing all Channel Catalog.

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