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Italy's ambition, the Olympic Games at stake.  Many absences.  All favorites - OA Sport

Italy’s ambition, the Olympic Games at stake. Many absences. All favorites – OA Sport

Low World Releases 2021 From athletics On the weekend of May 1-2. The World Cup is called Relay races Will be staged in Chorzo (Bologna)Where they will be close at hand Some passes for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 (to the eight finalists). On the track we’ll see all kinds of relays: traditional 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 males and females, mixed 4 x 400 (new Olympic specialty), pseudo-tests (4 x 200) as well as shuttle baffles and 2 x 2 x 400 dynamics. Most notable absences are the United States, Jamaica, Canada, Australia, China, and Trinidad and Tobago. Italy is pursuing the Olympic pass with 4 x 100 males, 4 x 400 females and 4 x 400 mixed males, while 4 x 100 females and 4 x 400 males are already in Tokyo.

4 x 100 male – The absence of the United States opens up different scenarios. Brazil is defending the title it won in the last World Cup and is strong in fourth place in the last World Cup. Even Great Britain did not respond to this, Japan chose a young streak (formation other than world bronze), and paid attention to South Africa Akani Simbine, Lemaitre and Golitin’s France, Martina eternity and Van Gool’s Holland. Italy is decidedly ambitious, led by Filippo Torto and Marcel Jacobs.

4 x 100 female – Germany has to deal with injuries and it is clear that it will not participate in the game, just like the USA, Jamaica, Canada, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago. Switzerland should do without the extremely powerful kampungi and del Ponte. Holland Shippers and Vesire can start to take interest in France, Brazil, Nigeria Okajbar and Poland Suboda. Italy, already qualifying for the Olympics, can have its say.

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4×400 male – Open prediction. Belgium the Burley Brothers are always strong, Great Britain has traditions, and Colombia has a silver Zambrano by its side. Watch out for Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic. Italy is ambitious, but watch out for strategies in light of the mixed 4 × 400s.

4 x 400 female – The upcoming duel between Holland Vimke Ball and Poland, the host but without Justina Sweety Erstek. Great Britain and Belgium as potential outsiders, Italy is looking for Olympic passes like Switzerland (without Sprunger) and France.

4 x 400 Mixed – It is difficult to make a prediction, all of this will depend on the strategies that the various national teams decide to adopt. Who should be removed from the kind quadrilaterals to turn them towards this novelty?

Photo: FIDAL / Colombo