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Italy wins Eurovision Song Contest as world’s biggest music event returns to Rotterdam – WSVN 7News


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Italy narrowly beat a handful of contestants to win the colorful and stunning Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands on Saturday, scoring a win in the continent’s biggest stage after the first test of the continent’s exit. From the epidemic.

The show featured shows ranging from lavishness to extravagance, as is customary for a concert in the camp.

Italian rock band Måneskin defeated France and Switzerland to claim the title and are now preparing to host next year’s competition. This is their third win in the competition and their first since 1990.

But it was a forgotten night for the UK, who finally died in the second straight tournament and scored the dreaded ‘zero points’. Germany followed closely behind them, for which they were three points.

Eurovision last year was the first to ever be canceled, but Rotterdam is back as a guest and most artists in 2020 have to enter the competition again.

But the effects of the outbreak are still being felt in the event. Iceland, Daði og Gagnamagnið, a black horse in the title and one of the most famous artists in the competition, was forced to provide rehearsal shots and was unable to participate due to a positive Covid-19 test within the band.

Flo Rida, stories from songs and a lot of kitsch

The competition was marked by the unexpected appearance of American rapper Flo Rida who arrived as a poetic guest on the San Marino little state song.

His assistance to the singer, Senwa, was met with loud applause from the audience of the limited concert and concluded with a particularly high-quality performance. The rapper “Low” remained an athlete even after the shows, waving the San Marino flag and looking slightly confused by the unique event adornment.

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But Flo Rida seemed less happy when the votes were counted. San Marino finished bottom of the standings, below expectations.

Simplified and powerful, the Swiss folk song surpassed predictors and proved to be a solid performer with the electorate. But when the audience’s votes were added, the one vote for Italy prevailed.

Before those votes counted, Russian singer Manisha sang a hymn to celebrate women’s liberation – first appearing in traditional national costume, before giving up the dress and wearing more modern clothes and telling viewers, “Every Russian woman should know, you are strong enough to bounce off the wall.”

Finnish channel Blind and Italy’s Måneskin tested Europe’s appreciation for hard rock, while Norwegian’s Tix beat many viewers with Fallen Angel.

There were also vocal stunts. Israeli Eden Alene played the strongest tune I heard in the competition, while Moldova called Natalia Jordenko for the longest time.

Eurovision is one of the most watched events in the world, with nearly 200 million people watching it across the continent every year. Saturday’s event was the 65th edition, and as usual, it caught a lot of attention online.

The Roop, the entry of dance-pop music into Lithuania this year, was well received as was the fate of Malta, whose raspy “Je Me Casse” was met with loud applause in the arena.

Victoria, the Bulgarian, performed a touching poem for her father, who had ALS or ALS. Elena Tsagrinou from Cyprus opened the show with “El Diablo” – a path previously condemned by the country’s Orthodox Church for allegedly promoting Satanism.

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James Newman, a UK member, told CNN earlier this week that he believed he could win the competition. But expert jury and television voters in Europe decided otherwise, giving Britain once again a disastrous outcome. The thirty-nine juries met to award Britain a score of zero.

But perhaps the most remarkable result of this evening is that it has ever happened. Rotterdam Ahoy, the host site, was used as an emergency hospital last year during the height of the outbreak. Twelve months later, he welcomed a crowd into a country still struggling with Covid-19 restrictions.

Several of the participating artists previously told CNN that they felt their performance was of particular significance after the hardships they faced last year.

“Eurovision is not like this year’s competition,” Tex said during training, “I feel a sense of responsibility.” “There are people who were last year. [expletive] miserable. Many people find comfort in the Eurovision community. ”

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