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Italy was left alone.  Pope Francis cares about EU migrants

Italy was left alone. Pope Francis cares about EU migrants

The effort cannot fall on the shoulders of some countries such as Italy only“. Pope Francesco I intervened in the event of an emergency immigrants With words intended to make people think and deny anti-Italian rhetoric. On the return trip from his apostolic trip to Bahrain, Bergoglio was not shy about taking up the thorny topic of hospitality, his calling. Europe To play one and for all. “The European Union must adopt a policy of cooperation and assistance’,” the Pope affirmed, acknowledging that the Meloni government had pledged itself to the benefit of refugees in need of assistance.

Pope’s speech on Italy

The policy of the countries at the moment is to rescue the victims and this government has the same policy. I don’t know him, but he brought down children and women, I’ve heard in the past few hours, or at least the intention was therePope Francis asserted, then added thatItaly and this government, or even the left-wing government, cannot do anything without agreement at the European level and European responsibility“.Then the Holy Father repeated it, in his opinion,”Life at sea must be saved“, grumbling that the Mediterranean is now”graveyard“.But the issue, as well as being humanitarian, must be political.”Each EU government must agree on the number of migrants they can take in‘Indeed Bergoglio declared, pointing to it instead.’Currently there are four countries that welcome them: Cyprus, Greece, Italia and SpainHe then mentioned Poland and Belarus as hospitable countries.interior“.

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“The EU cannot leave Italy alone”

“For immigrants, the principle is that they should be welcomed, escorted, promoted and built in. If you can’t take these steps, it’s not goodAnd the Pope announced again, hoping that an immigrant policy would be agreed between the two countries, as Italy demanded some time.The union should adopt a policy of cooperation and assistance. It cannot leave Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain to welcome all the migrants who arrive on the beaches’,” the Holy Father also added during Press Conference He was detained on the flight to Italy three days later in Barhen.

Meloni’s government, Pope Francis: “I wish the best”

Correspondents are invited to comment on the new Meloni governmentBergoglio said:I hope Betterin favor of Italy. I always wish the best for the government because the government is for everyone and I hope for the best to move Italy forwardAt the same time, the pontiff added a reminder of the responsibility of the various political forces.too much fallen governmentsHe commented, then “blessed” the new Prime Minister: “it’s a challenge“.

Meloni thanks the Pope

On the political front, the Prime Minister received Francis’ words with appreciation Georgia Meloni, with reference to Reflections on Migration. “We always listen with great interest to the words of the Holy Father which are a constant warning to us wisdom And for charities. We want to sincerely thank him for his encouragement and above all for inviting him to National Accord and international. The great challenges we face can only be overcome by uniting the efforts of all men and women of good willThe Prime Minister said in a statement.

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Salvini: “Words of wisdom about immigrants”

Before that, he was the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini To thank the Supreme Pontiff like this: “Thank you Pope for the great words of wisdom. Italy cannot be left alone and cannot welcome everyonesaid the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.