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Italy-USA 3-1 Live Stream, 2024 Beach Soccer World Cup Live Stream: Azzurri off to a great start


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At 1.41 pm, the live text broadcast of the Italy vs USA match, the opening match of the 2024 Beach Soccer World Cup, ends here. Thank you for following the event in our company. To all OA Sport friends and readers, I wish you a nice day.

1.40pm The only contrasting note was the late expulsion of Remedi who will miss the upcoming match against Egypt. Future commitments in which the level will be raised compared to this recently completed debut. We would also like to remind you that in the afternoon the first day of Group A will end with the match between the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

1:39 p.m. A positive start for Italy, who beat the Americans 3-1 thanks to goals from Gentilin, Zurlo and Giordani. In the first half, Rezende scored a momentary equalizer for the United States.

End of match: Italy-USA 3-1

12′- The stupidity of the Americans who gave us one of the last balls in the match.

12′- Great save from Kasperi keeps us at +2. 33 seconds left and USA corner.

11′- Remedy will miss against Egypt. A very naive expulsion after a few seconds of the closed match.

11′- Unfortunately, the red card for Remedy. Italy will end the match with a numerical deficit of less than one goal from their opponent.

11′- Remedi over-exerts the overhead kick. Foul on the Italian player #10.

10′- 120 seconds left in Italy’s 2024 World Cup debut.

9′- Coach Del Duca asks for calm and management from the bench, a task that the Azzurri carry out perfectly.

8′- The Azzurri who do not leave the slightest space for their opponents, forcing them to pass quickly towards the goalkeeper.

7′- Zorlu’s overhead kick in the middle with just 5 minutes left.

6′- Bad foul from Rezende on Casperi’s exit. The American number 8 gets more than a fair warning.

6′- A deadly start for the Azzurri, with Genovali hitting the post when he was one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

5′- The post to the left of the Italian goalkeeper Toth touches it, and the score remains 3-1 for Italy.

4′- Another foul, this time on Bertaka. The distance is always astronomical.

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4′- Three changes are ready with the entry of Fazzini, Remedi and Genovalli.

4′- Excellent defensive closure from Giordani, who was fouled and will be able to try from very long range.

3′- USA continue to play at a leisurely pace. The Azzurri thank you and start to manage the double advantage.

2′- Back kick from Albiston blocked by Ovidio Ala. USA corner.

1′- The third and final period begins. Once again, Casabieri tries, and Perea saves one meter from goal.

Third period

End of second period

12′- Al-Azraq take possession of the ball, here the second half ends.

12′- Casabieri controls the ball poorly and without hesitation sends the ball into the stands.

11′- Just over a minute to go in the second half. Italy who can manage the double advantage.

10′- Gentilin’s right footed shot stifles. USA which can be replayed.

10′- Excellent defending by Gentlin who wins an interesting free kick.

9′- The United States is not picking up the pace. That’s good for Italy.

8′- Giordani scares Toth again with the help of Casabieri.

7′- GOOOOL Italy! Stone from Giordani converts the free throw. Italy-USA 3-1.

7′- Valaccio from Perea gets a yellow card. Chance for Giordani.

7′- The Italian team started with Giordani’s left-footed shot that ended high.

7′- Four substitutions as Gentilin, Ala, Chika and Zorlo return to the sand.

6′- Yellow card for Remedi who denied a quick throw-in for the Americans.

5′- Canali’s shot is too high. At the start of the second half, the Azzurri reached the end with Remedy, who came close to making it 3-1.

5′- This time the mistake is from Bertaka, who bothered the opponent with the aim of completing the scissor kick.

4′- Toth easily blocks which restarts the Americans.

4′- Stages where both teams were very aggressive on the sand. There is a foul on Bertaka.

3′- The goalkeeper shoots the ball outside the penalty area.

3′- Foul on Casaperi who will shortly take an interesting free throw.

3′- A great save from Toth who equalised for Chiaka after a perfect team move for the Azzurri.

2′- Goalkeeper Kasapere’s right-footed shot hit the crossbar while he was warming his foot.

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1′- We start again and it’s a corner kick for the Azzurri immediately.

Second period

End of first period

12′- Bad clash between Perea and Bertaka. Luckily the blues are back.

12′ – 40 seconds into the electric first half.

12′- GOAL Italy!!! The Azzurri react immediately as Genovali skips past the opponent and provides a decisive pass for the kiss to captain Zorlo.

11′-USA equalizes. A mistake by Genovalli who tries to play the ball in defense and hand it to his opponents. Rezende doesn’t let himself pray for him, so the score becomes 1-1.

10′- Yellow card also goes to Italy’s captain.

10′- Foul by Zorlo who sends off Albiston as he attempts an overhead kick.

9′- Gentilin is also excellent in defence and takes the ball away from Canali’s feet.

8′- The referee reverses his colleague’s decision and awards a free kick to the United States.

8′- Gentilin and Ala return to the sand, in Marco Giordani’s World Cup debut.

7′- The United States poses a danger with the vertical of the channel that ends just above the crossbar.

7′- A mistake this time from Remedy, who did not enter the match in the best form.

6′- A foul by Canali, an American of obvious Italian descent, lands on Casablanca.

6′- A great finish from Fazzini who touched the top corner with his left foot.

4′- Good work from the Americans but Silveira’s shot goes wide.

3′- GOAL Italy! Great play from the Azzurri, with an exchange of passes between Xhaka and Gentlin. The latter coolly beats Toth.

3′- The American goalkeeper also tries with the same result.

2′- Low pass from Italy saved by goalkeeper Casabieri.

1′- Direct shot out of range for Albiston. Italy respond with a header from Gentilin.

The first period

12:29 Toth, Perea, Rezende, Silveria, Albiston. That’s the quintet for the USA. Italy responds with Casaperi, Alla, Gentilin, Schacka, Giordani.

12.26 Now everyone stands up for the Italians to sing!

12.24 Italy and USA players enter the field. It’s time for the national anthem. Let’s start with the American one.

12.22 The Azzurri must not underestimate their debut despite the USA being objectively the fourth force in the group. We must start strongly to take advantage of the weight of the European champions.

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12.18pm Italy and USA are in Group A along with the UAE and Egypt, who will compete in the afternoon. The first day of Group B will also be played in Dubai with Spain and Argentina.

12.13 Good morning and welcome back to the live written broadcast of Italy vs USA. At 12:30 p.m. the first match of the European champions in the 2024 Beach Soccer World Cup starts.

Good morning and welcome Live text broadcast of the Italy vs USA match, the opening match of the 2024 Beach Soccer World CupThe World Cup competition in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) begins with the first day of Group A. The current European champions, who also want to play a leading role in the World Championship competition, make their debut. The host team and Egypt also appear in Group A, with the first and second in the group qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Italy return to the World Cup after failing to qualify for the last edition, and have everything they need to prove themselves as potential replacements for Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. Coach Emiliano Del Duca, having completed warm-up matches ahead of the continental tournament, has selected a squad with the right mix of experience and youth, with Bertacca and Fazzini of 2001 ready to explode.

All the players called up are amateurs who play mainly in the promotion championship and who in the summer are part of the beach soccer teams of the Italian Serie A. As the best results in the World Cup, Italy has obtained a second place (2008 and 2019) and two wooden medals. The main objective of the Italian mission is to reach the semi-finals and then face the powers of sand soccer.

The match between Italy and USA will start at 12.30. It will be possible to follow the event live on Raisport and in live streaming on Raiplay. OA Sport will bring you a live written minute by minute broadcast of the match. Enjoy and enjoy the blues!

Photo: Michel Stanczyk


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