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Italy, Omicron is really scary: Draghi is now assessing the vaccination commitment of all workers

Italy, Omicron is really scary: Draghi is now assessing the vaccination commitment of all workers

Now the possibility is tangible: the obligation to vaccinate all Italian workers, the tampon will not be enough to go to work. “It was the trade unions that insisted on the mandatory vaccination, and I think they will not object if we demand vaccination or recovery to go to work,” says Minister Brunetta in the progress published by Corriere della Sera. So it’s not just an obligatory hurdle for vaccinated people to major events: The 23rd will be decided in full in the control room headed by Draghi, the prime minister who has faced an increase in infections and the multiplication of the Omicron variant across Europe, preparing for the new, yet another narrow. Even the 85 percent of Italians who have taken two doses of the vaccine cannot be reassured: to go to big balls, big parties, concerts, perhaps even the cinema, a swab test that confirms the current negativity may be necessary. Also troubling is that there is still an obstacle for at least 12 per cent of Italians who remain uncorrupted, despite the strict ban and the enhanced Super Green Pass. In recent days, daily new infections have crossed 28,000 and just a month ago, when vaccines seemed to have nearly eradicated the virus, it was really unimaginable. Then the indication of the third dose, now even that is no longer enough.

The risk that the Omicron variant could become dominant, as happened with Delta, is pushing the Draghi government toward tougher measures that could be launched on December 27. There is debate about the obligation of outdoor masks across Italy and specifically the obligation to vaccinate for anyone with a job in Italy. Will it be the last hit of the fax or will it still not be enough? All that remains is to wait for the control room on December 23rd.

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