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"Italy in civil rights lags behind"

“Italy in civil rights lags behind”

There is no shortage of special collaborations on the albumlike the ones that have thsop (“r()t()nda”), Ambra Angiolini (“Amabra / Titian”), Capariza (“An angel of others and an angel of himself”), Roberto Viccione (“Legends”) e The scorpion (“For her love”). Thursday November 10 at 1.40 pm Video clipFather’s Day 1On Sunday, November 13, Vero will be the special protagonist.Verissimo presents: I am TizianoIt airs on Canale 5 at 4.30pm.

Tiziano, “Il mondo è nostra”, is an album written during the pandemic: Have you ever thought or feared not being able to return to Italy?
I didn’t panic, but this thought affected everyone a bit. It was not about not going back to Italy, but I seriously thought that I would no longer have concerts, that people would not gather, that there would be no more gatherings. I didn’t sit on it, it’s not like me, but I can’t lie that there wasn’t a moment I thought about it.

Speaking of live broadcasts in 2023, you will return to the stadiums, so how did you imagine the parties?
I’m already thinking about the lineup that I don’t hide from you is very complicated, it’s either a three-hour concert, I don’t think I can hold out physically or choose, someone will be disappointed, but the truth is that it’s been six years since the last tour in 2017 and it happened a lot in between.

How do you live this comeback?
as a religious thing. It is a leap of faith for those who have waited so long, it was nice and important for people to wait for me even though I had given a refund for tickets already purchased. For me, it’s a party, it’s a privilege to have everyone sing the song. I never get tired of singing the same songs.

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How do you explain all this general love?
I’m not explaining it, or else I’ll have to get into areas where I don’t see particularly strong like self-esteem. I greet it and receive it gratefully, to me it is like a reminder to myself saying ‘do things as you like them’ because if someone believes in it and wants to listen to it, well, it’s like a morning alarm that helps me not take anything for granted .

There’s a song that closes the album, “When I Lost You”, a letter to Titian from twenty years ago saying you’d do it again, mistakes included…all?
I’d like to offer a few shots here and there (laughs, editor). Certainly there was a moment, when I was 24, I couldn’t take it anymore, it wasn’t the life I wanted and I understood… the countries I didn’t actually see because I was alone in the airports, I didn’t feel entitled to complain because because of what It was happening to me people were getting killed and thus ‘shut up and go’… in that period maybe it was right to stop and ask for help, I did it years later…

You live in constant search for yourself, forced to weigh what is your most important concession?
Giving up is actually part of two basic things I do in life: this job and having a family. If you give up what you love, it becomes a healthy compromise. The job makes you abandon friends and family to have moments for yourself…but now thinking of these two innocent people (children Margarita and Andres, editor), I’m terrified that my job can make them uncomfortable, it can be intrusive and shocking, it terrifies me…but As I say in the Father’s Day song I’m not God and I leave myself to that thought…

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How has fatherhood changed you?
From an artistic point of view, not much has changed because I have always completely poured barrels of paints onto canvas, I have never drunk, I have never talked about abstraction or the formula of drawing, I have always talked about pain and fragility, misunderstanding and research … I have admitted to listening to Raffaella Cara , my stuff … As a person, something beautiful definitely happens that comes from fatigue, the ego goes to the second, third, and fourth floor because you don’t have time, you cut all the dead branches, you are no longer paranoid, the balance is re-balanced between what is important and what is not. Parenthood, if you’re living it get your hands dirty like I do with Victor, who we have no help with, it’s really comprehensive.

In the United States, where you live, there are many civil rights recognized and still far from Italy.
We are retarded. There is an urgent need to raise the bar and it must be done regardless of the political direction: I don’t think much has changed with the new executive. Italy is a country that needs to build and grow, and I hope you don’t waste time on destruction. I’m talking about a parenting story, but there’s no need to get into that to understand how far behind we are.

From Los Angeles, how do you see Italy where music followers are most valued?
But are those with the most followers really more successful? I open the disc and talk about haters with the “paradise of liars” and about those who flaunt this dusty wisdom Daughter of social networks … This beautiful hypocrisy is very interesting, I admire it, but I always think that I don’t have time to waste, I should go and make three concerts in San Siro. Are your followers really people who like you? Sometimes you can also follow someone because you don’t like them, because you want to see them wrong, because it’s ridiculous… A certain kind of popularity goes on social networks, that’s right, but it’s one thing you like and one more thing to take the ticket, buy it, and then go to the party Musical… is a complete trust deed. There must be different schemes, because buying an album of 13 songs in one click can’t be as good as “streaming” the same song a thousand times.. So, back to your question: would it be true that more followers meant more success.?

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I was amazed at the collaboration with Ambra…
I was 14 years old in 1994 when Ambra changed our lives with the way she lives. I provoked her with joking and accepted the challenge and then turned our conversations into poetry. I swear I didn’t think he did…this pin would stay on my chest, I put Amber back in a log….

There was talk of you being at the race in Sanremo but…
But why did I have to do that? I would have asked them, as a guest already I feel like dying, think about the idea of ​​making a song out of nothing, nobody knows… You never know it in life, definitely not now… Maybe I will one day you know and if I do it won’t be a win.