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Il tempo previsto per il Weekend del 1° Maggio

Italy between the sun and thunderstorms. Saturday and Sunday பார்ப்ப Let’s look at maps with related areas

Weekend weather: Italy between sun and thunderstorms. Let’s look at maps with areas related to Saturday and Sunday

May 1 is the expected weekendWe are at the gates now Weekend It will allow the end of April, which is a very energetic month ahead Weather forecast After a very long period of atmospheric calm, it characterized most of last winter.

That’s the course Weekend Of May 1st Time will return to a little rage, with an Italy basically in the middle, split in between The sun And Temporary. Nothing strange. The general situation of spring is the season characterized by frequent rains, but irregular distribution and not easy to detect in the forecast.

A. from Northern Europe Cool air lock Ready to go to the beautiful country. Already from Saturday 30 This will determine the general increase in atmospheric instability Northwest, Until then Tuscany. As shown first in the maps below, the sky in these areas will gradually turn gray, with a chance of first rain, rare and local storms. All of these will be in a more windy environment, with the moderate curvature of the thermometers.
In other parts of the country, however, the weather picture will remain stable, although gradually more clouds will be seen in other parts of the country. North And others Center However, the weather will continue to be mild.

April is coming, May is coming. The new month will reopen in some parts of Italy under the name of Dancer. Sunday will again see the dominance of fresh air, bringing it to a common and widespread Instability In the regions North He was born Center. However, rain and thunderstorms can make it difficult to create their preferred “habitat” in the interior of the alpine and pre-alpine districts and central regions (the second map is attached), as well as in the vast plains. வால் படனா.
Not only do you not need an umbrella, not to mention the south, but you can still enjoy a more stable and very sunny climate. Sicily There will be more clouds, in this case not due to cold winds at high altitudes, but caused by a hurricane cyclone circling the warm Tunisian lands.
However, it will take a few hours because the weather will change badly, especially in the southern regions as well With the beginning Next week.
We will give more details about this in our next update.

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Rainfall is expected on Saturday, April 30thRainfall is expected on Saturday, April 30thRain is expected on Sunday, May 1stRain is expected on Sunday, May 1st