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Italians are still obsessed with diesel cars: they haven’t gone through a real crisis, here are the most popular models


Diesel cars are still a viable and comfortable option, especially for long distances. Let’s discover the top five bestsellers in Italy

Despite expectations of a rapid decline and incentive policies for electric cars, Diesel cars continue to gain approval in Italy. Accomplices i Diesel prices remain beneficial Compared to gasoline (net of customs duties) andReliability of these enginesForms diesel They remain one People’s choice, Especially for those who travel many kilometers every year or for those who live in rural areas where the electric vehicle charging network is still underdeveloped.

there are many Diesel car Who continue to succeed in Italy, such as Jeep Renegade, Ford Focus, Citroen C3, and Toyota Corolla. Another reason for their success is their high efficiency, which translates into Lower fuel consumption compared to gasoline-powered cars.

To give a concrete example, Citroen C3 Diesel It consumes on average approx 30% less Compared to the gasoline version. Moreover, diesel cars in general More powerful and reliable Of gasoline cars, this makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a car that will last over time.

Top five best-selling diesel cars in Italy

Let’s see what diesel models are the most popular in our country. We find it naturally on the bestseller platform Fiat Panda It is the undisputed queen of cars in Italy, and it is also available in Diesel version With 95 hp 1.5. A practical and economical car, ideal for the city. Followed immediately Lancia YpsilonAnother highly appreciated agreement is… They cry It is distinguished by its elegant style and driving comfort. The 110 HP 1.6 diesel engine ensures great performance and low fuel consumption.

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Diesel engine photo
Diesel engine photo

Renault Clio In third place. there Cleo It is a versatile car that adapts to any need. there Diesel version The 1.5 with 115 hp is an excellent compromise between performance and consumption. Volkswagen Golf It’s one step below the platform. An iconic car that remains a reference point in the compact car sector. there Golf The Diesel 2.0 150 HP is appreciated for its reliability, performance and cutting-edge technology.

Close the top five Dacia Duster: A powerful and versatile SUV, ideal for those looking for a family car or for those who like to take trips outside the city. The 115 hp 1.5 diesel engine is economical in consumption and guarantees good performance.

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