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"Italian modules and European astronauts on the moon"

“Italian modules and European astronauts on the moon”

Samantha Christophoretti From space via Veneto, from the International Station to the US Embassy in Rome: “International cooperation continues here (between Americans, Europeans and Russians, et al.) Because everyone can put their talents into the service of a common project involving many people from many countries. The” legacy “(tradition, heritage, version) of the ISS is stronger than what happens on earth. At the time the astronaut of the European Space Agency joined Connection (inflight call) from low orbit (400 km) by astronaut friends. NASA, Kjell Lindgren, Bob Hines and Jessica Watkins: Opportunity is greedy. Bill Nelson, a 79-year-old former astronaut and Democratic senator on a tour of Rome, has been NASA’s administrator since last year or is responsible for the $ 25 billion the U.S. government allocates to space missions. All Artemis bringing man back to the moon. With the Sls rocket, which could see some light at the end of the delayed tunnel, Nelson has been strengthening historical ties between Italy and Europe in recent days with NASA, which already relies on SpaceX di. Elon Musk To the landing stage. But resources are not enough, and here the exchange begins again: technology (read: life modules for astronauts) will leave footprints of their shoes in the dust of the moon in five or six years in exchange for seats among personnel.

Led by Deputy Commander Pam Melroy, former commander of the Paulo Nespoli plane at the embassy, ​​Nelson met with former ministers Vittorio Colov, Giancarlo Giorgetti and Luigi de Mayo and signed the project agreement yesterday. Moon in a village with the head of the Italian space agency Giorgio Sacosia. The day he met ESA Director General Joseph Ashbacher in the Netherlands.

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Italian blocks

The block, designed by Italy, is expected to reach the lunar surface between 2026 and 2027. Giorgio Saccosia, head of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), made the remarks during a meeting with NASA’s chief executive at the U.S. embassy in Rome today. Bill Nelson and his wife, Pamela Melroy. Following a bilateral agreement signed with NASA, the design of the first housing unit will be handed over to ASI, which will be the first step in researching the lunar surface, which Sacosia notes, anticipating the full structure of the Artemis mission.“.

Nelson’s visit also aims to highlight the solidity of the alliance between the United States and Europe at a time when Russia’s aggression against Ukraine requires a common front. Russian space company Roskomos.

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