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Italian meteorite, astronomer: "Where did it fall, why is it important"

Italian meteorite, astronomer: “Where did it fall, why is it important”

Rome, March 6, 2022 – Una Fire ball In the skies of Italy, Saturday, March 5th. When everyone was watching the message Rocket – Maybe Chinese – Central and northern Italy raised their noses, wondering, wondering, and frightened that the day before must have fallen on the moon. Fireball It crossed the sky with a green light, before falling to the ground, probably sui Sibylini Mountains, March area. Daniel Cardiol, head of the network, writes it Prism of the INAFNational Institute of Astronomy.

“At 19.55 local time on March 5, 2022, a brilliant meteorite still illuminates the Italian sky, observed by thousands of people. Meteor recorded Nine rooms of the Prisma NetworkLocated at Northern and Central Italy. The original meteorite weighed 10 to 30 kilograms. Object entering the atmosphere at a low angle (15 degrees horizon), illuminating the sky About 10 seconds, Almost as bright as the full moon. The remaining mass passing through the atmosphere is estimated to be about 1 kg. Calculations are underway to determine the fall point of any pieces. Many reports “The Path of Politics, the Institute writes,” originated in the North. பெருகியா Turn off the park area Sibylini Mountains “.

We asked an astronomer three questions. Giuseppe Guttispodo Of the INAF.

We called it fireball, what is it?

“A fireball, in other words, is a small meteorite found in northern and central Italy. Every year, if we weigh them, they fall to Earth. 40 thousand tons Meteors. They are usually two centimeters in size and travel at a speed of ten kilometers per second. They are usually found in very small areas, falling by 50% during the day, so we did not notice it. “

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Where did it fall?

“The cameras on the Prisma Network represent the area of ​​the Sibylini Mountains in March, so we have a very precise idea, this network allows you to create a path and identify the area.

What do these meteorites tell us?

“Their study is important for understanding the formation of the solar system. So knowing the chemical composition of these fragments can give us useful information about where they come from.”