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It will be opened instead of Bennet of Campogrande


The supermarket will close but will reopen in just a few months: in the meantime, all of the approximately 60 jobs currently in place must be preserved. The news, which was revealed Brescia newspaperregarding the future of the Bennett branded store today in the Campogrande commercial area of ​​Brescia (Via Genova): the Bennett branded store will be closed permanently as of Saturday, June 15, but as mentioned it will reopen its doors in a few months (after renovations and redesign) with a new Rossetto-branded store.

Reorganization and new store

The Rossetto Group was founded in 1965 and today is active in Italy with 2,200 collaborators and 25 points of sale (5 in the Brescia region) and a turnover of approximately 600 million euros. Thus, the Rossetto Group has completed the purchase of the business unit related to Bennet di Campogrande, as already happened before A few months regarding Bennett Concecio. In fact, it is the long “tail” of the extensive reorganization of the Auchan Group, with many sales also in the Brescia region, to both Conad and Bennet, which is now restructuring its business location (in addition to the Concessio store, Bennet has also closed in Molinetto di Mazzano (now IperTosano).

While waiting to reopen, Campogrande Supermarket’s 60 employees will be temporarily transferred to other stores. Social safety nets are inconceivable, at least for now. The job protection agreement was reached at the end of long negotiations involving unions and companies involved in the sale.


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