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“It is unacceptable to distort competitions.” A mutant athlete defeats his opponents


Longing for inclusion At any cost it became fixed in sports On a competitive level. They are above all specialties feminine They suffer, as there are more and more transsexuals who are accepted into competitions in the name of belonging to the female gender and not the male. The results, in these cases, are almost predictable. The last episode he said daily Mail She registered for an American high school competition and here, the second-year transfer athlete defeated all her opponents timing Well below average for opponents her age.

The teen, because she is still transgender, competed in the girls’ 200 meters at the Sherwood Need for Speed ​​Classic in Sherwood, Oregon. Footage of that race, appropriately obscured given the protagonist’s age, quickly spread around the world as evidence of the need to rethink the concept of inclusivity. There are several seconds compared to her competitors, and in the general classification, out of more than 60 participants in that race, she reached second place. Second place overall. He told the school newspaper that he has begun recruiting Estrogen Since last year, she has been feeling more comfortable in her body since starting hormone therapy.

Recognizing each individual’s identity does not make it acceptable to distort competitions by virtue of their original biological characteristics! This is crap“Woke” ideology.Which has nothing to do with rights and which we will always oppose“, declared Minister Salvini. In Italy, this phenomenon has not yet exploded with the force of the United States, and at the moment there are no border situations that require discussions, but, as often happens, our country and Europe in general are moving with a few years of difference compared In the United States of America about certain phenomena, in the United States the debate has become really heated and particularly lively, especially because of the implications of greater strength in weightlifting sports, there are specializations in Physical contact Imbalance risks to the point of being dangerous.

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This is the case, for example, in a game Basket For high school I played in Massachusetts. One team included a transgender athlete who was much taller than the others, had indisputably more physical strength and, according to some witnesses, also had a visible beard on her face. Basketball is a contact sport, often very rough, and it was precisely during marking that the athlete knocked the opponent to the ground. Some pictures are circulating showing the player lying on the ground She flips side to side in pain From pain.

In addition to her, three other athletes suffered serious injuries during the match, which forced the administration to do so Retreat The team was eliminated from the match and thus abandoned the qualifiers for fear of their safety. A case that set a precedent and is often presented as an example of what woke culture looks like dangerous. Even in the literal sense.

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