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It is a village overlooking the sea.


The famous singer Biagio Antonacci is in Liguria, more precisely in the city of Genoa: here he had the opportunity to visit a truly dreamlike, almost heavenly place. In detail, it is a village overlooking the sea.

The most famous Italian singer of all time, Biagio Antonaccilocated in a natural paradise. It is about, in Exclusive to a seaside village in Liguriain a city GenoaBut where have we seen Antonacci lately? He was at Naples to Radio Italy Now fly straight to Genoain one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.Here to discover the latest performance of Angela dei Ricchi e Poveri off air in concert Radio Italy Live). Let us now find out where the singer is, who has always been highly appreciated by the Italian public of all ages, from the oldest to the youngest.

Liguria, Biagio Antonacci in Natural Paradise: Dream Village by the Sea

The famous singer The Italian decided to visit a wonderful village located in LiguriaWhich is located directly above the sea. It is about Nerveswhose waterfront looks like a dream indeed. In detail, it is a neighborhood that was once autonomous, but is now an integral part of the city. Genoa. It overlooks the sea and is home to many historical villas and very important military and religious monuments. Not only the sea, but also beautiful natural gardens rich in exotic plant species and Mediterranean plants. In detail, Biagio Antonacci devoted himself mainly, at least according to the last photo he posted on his personal page on the social networking site Instagram, to walking.

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Biagio Antonacci in a photo posted on his personal page on the social networking site Instagram in which he showed that he was in Nervi, a village in Genoa, in Liguria

In fact, in Nervi, it is possible to follow the so-called path. Anita Garibaldi walkingIt all starts from a small port, and you can walk to the public beach. CaplongoThe stretch is about 2 kilometers long, but it is worth doing, because it completely overlooks the sea. From here you can see an unprecedented panorama, made up of houses and clear sea.

Not only that, but walking also allows you to discover some of the little ones. Bathing facilities They would be otherwise. Unknown to the general publicin addition to very nice rooms with a direct view of the mare. Not everyone knows that years ago the walk was reserved only for fishermen and farmers in the area. It was named so because it was dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi’s wife, Anita. Moreover, along the way there are also many small stalls that you can see and where you can also buy any souvenirs. A beautiful experience, you can do it at least once in your life.

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