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It happened again, but how is that possible

It happened again, but how is that possible

Disciplinary Action for Reality Show Contestants: Official Press Release

Even in this remake of the Big Brother Vip, there’s no shortage of controversy and criticism. After the Marco Bellavia case, many moved against reality both from home and from the show business itself. Many viewers even requested the immediate closure of the show due to talk of actual bullying.

However, in the past few hours, a new in-house disciplinary action has arrived for the contestants, and so they have taken no good at all. what happened? Let’s find out together.

Big Brother: It happened again, but they do it again!

Special Provisions for Big Brother VIP School Competitors

A few hours ago, Big Brother Vip House’s competitors received a press release about the production of the show that they conducted Alfonso Signorini It was revealed that, unfortunately, the weekly grocery budget was slashed in violation of the program’s rules.

The children’s weekly budget has increased from 380 euros to 300 euros, which is about 80 euros less… It is clear that this decision was not well taken. But what did the competitors do?

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Why were competitors punished?

In these hours, many are wondering why the reality contestants are being penalized by the production of Big Brother Vibe. The motive is clearly very easy, and it seems that this decision was made after many did not respect the rules of freezing.

This may seem like a stupid reason, and instead Alfonso Signorini and all the staff decided to punish them in this way. The person most concerned about this decision seems to be Luca Saldino.

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The former tronista for men and women believes that it is truly impossible to shop on a meager budget for everyone. Christina has the same opinion that all boys should pay more attention to the rules of the game to avoid further problems in the future.

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