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"It all happened naturally."

“It all happened naturally.”

Dancer Martina Melede remembers making her way to Amici and dedicates words of love to her, Rafael Renda.

Martina Melide He was one of the heroes of the 20th edition of friends. An interview with her former coach Lorella Kocarini For her formula titled Tell Me About You, the dancer recalled her long and intense school career and talked about it. Love story with singer Rafael Renda.

Martina Melidi and Rafael Renda’s love

Guest in the new look of Lorella KocariniAnd the Martina Melide She came back to talk about her advertising experience friends. A difficult experience, but it allowed him to get to know his present FianceThe Singer Rafael Renda. The dancer said in this regard How was their love story born?:

I was born naturally. Apart from being an artist, he is someone with a big heart. Aesthetics are known to do this, I couldn’t look at the aesthetic side. He was so close to me and a piece of my heart that it all happened so naturally. Today we live everyday things, we live every day now. We are very much in love. It’s the quiet part I miss, I instinctively start in fifth grade. It’s what he tells me to wait, calm down. It calms me down, I’m the jubilant part he’s missing.

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As for him Track in Amici SchoolAnd the Martina Confess to remembering those months with great joy and affection:

Friends have taught me a lot from a character point of view. I experienced it with a lot of bitterness, and today I say that I had to go to a thousand. Whatever was there, people, you know you love and hate in life, but you should always go to the thousand. If you want to do this in life, you cannot be discouraged. Today I was able to grow up and be conscious. Today you do not move me, on the contrary you teach me a lot. If I come back I won’t cry much. Furthermore, I wouldn’t take the pieces too anxiously. You lived it like a pro, but the piece is yours.

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