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It all comes crashing down sooner than expected! Fears for winter with the arrival of Burian »


Weather official emergency release: Everything will collapse sooner than expected! Fear of winter with Burian’s arrival

Everything collapses and snow and ice blizzards arrive Shouldn’t it be a mild winter with no frost and no snow, according to global warming trends that have been reported and verified by climatologists for some time? No, something has gone wrong in this crazy winter, will go wrong, with the inevitable arrival of cold, as always, every time, dividing us between our loved ones. Snow and frost And who isn’t.

Until a few days ago, no imagination was extinguished, but today the computer centers, the real architects of weather forecasts at any time, turn on the light in the dark and change the perspectives: Now everything will collapse sooner than expected.
Many of them glow like this Hopes are intertwined with dreams of the coming winterBetween snow, skiing, snowboarding or alone desire fear Green and dark in many ways of a season.

General Winter Pilot “NìKola”, the epicenter of icy winds from RussiaIt is approaching with great advances, and will soon, in the next few days, invest Italy from the east, through the Balkan Gate and the Bora Gate, through that plateau. Carzo, often insecure, now as in the past.
Since then Wednesday, February 8 The directrix of the currents will carry air masses of eastern and nacola Uralic-Siberian origin towards us and across Italy and Europe: Burian will come after 5 years And there will be visible events with snowstorms in the Adriatic regions and southern Italy; But the frost, entering Valpadan, then settles towards the Piedmont, causing unexpected snowfall. Turin; But there are more: they can occur in the northeast, especially in Triveneto and Emilia Romagna Blizzard events with snow in the plains Finally, a nucleus formed in the Tyrrhenian Sea may move up by day 9, with exceptional snow showers. Rome

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So NìKola will give us many opportunities to revisit our city or our village Make yourself white At least for a moment, to become children again, in that bubble, so sweet and natural, in which everything is beautiful, easy, carefree, ignorant of the world and life, but everyone knows, always since then, that Nature He is always there, watching over us. Unpredictable.


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