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Isola dei Famosi 2022, Floriana breaks the rules: Elari frustrated

The third episode of the programCelebrity Island 2022 Endless Misunderstanding Raised: Apparently, this edition anticipates the times and the outcasts didn’t wait long to take sides, in a free-for-all cause that reaps the first victims.

But the highlight of the evening is definitelyEliminate Floriana againwho was very disappointed and decided to break the regulations – among other things, make every attempt ilary plassi To drop it down to a milder tip.

Floriana again, exclusion and its eruption

Ended up with an irrepressible pair Antonio Zequilawhich has already aroused some controversy among the other untouchables, Floriana again I discovered with some bitterness that she had been excluded from television broadcasts. And if at first it seemed that he approached the matter in a sporting spirit, then within a few minutes his smoky figure appeared with all its enthusiasm. At first she leaves her partner in adventure, Zykela, who decides that Give Judas a kiss to Jeremias Rodriguez. So I got ready when it found its way toFamous Island Not over yet.

As already happened last week, the one who was eliminated stopped being a pair and re-entered the competition as individuals Playa Sajamada. This is a rule that surprised Floriana: “No, I do not agree. The audience has decided and I want to go home. I don’t care, the rules are that I go home. ” And again, I privately tried by having to compete in pairs with someone else: “This is not the experience I wanted to have. I never gave up, but I don’t like this game at all. In such a situation, the worst comes out even in a saint.”

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Disappointment by Elari Blasey

Floriana’s outburst erupted in particular ilary plassiwho tried to persuade the drowning woman to think: “Game rules Submit to this. Obviously, you can make any decision. But I remind you of one thing: You’ve been writing to me on Instagram for two years, and I know how much you’d like to have that experience. And now, on the first difficulty, do you relent like that? I tell you the truth, I didn’t expect that from youDisappointed with the impulsiveness of the contestant, who had previously punished her in previous episodes, she also left the floor to Vladimir Luxoria and Alicia, a dear friend of hers who tried to encourage her not to give up.

But the outcast did not deliver: even two thousand He found himself in difficulty, especially when–perhaps out of anger and frustration–Floriana let herself cry. Ilary has finally succeeded in Bring calm back to Palapa Convince her to take some time to think about it, so she can shake off the turmoil of feelings that clearly overwhelmed her. Indeed, the minutes he spent away from the cameras served as advisors. She first underwent the bounty test, showing all her determination, and then landed Playa Sajamada Pretending to try again. Floriana decided to give herself a second chance to show who she really is, and we’re sure she’ll take full advantage of it.