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Isola Dei Famosi 2022 Actors & Contestants: Who They Are / Singles & Couples: Alvin reveals…

Isola Dei Famosi 2022 Actors & Contestants: Who They Are / Singles & Couples: Alvin reveals…

Rivals and the cast of Isola dei Famosi 2022: the couples most awaited by the public

It will be the cast that will give big surprises to the audienceCelebrity Island 2022. This was also confirmed by Alvin, the program’s correspondent who is already in Honduras ready to welcome everyone. In an interview with Superguida Tv, he was the one who released some previews of the competitors who will be popping up on the island this year, revealing, “Ilona Staller is the character that I’m currently interested in. I think I’m talking to the audience as well. I think Floriana is exciting too but also Nicholas Vaporidis.” But who attracts his sympathy – Carmen Di Pietro and her son already offer us cinema. I have to see them together and they are very cute, ”admitted Alvin. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi in the cast

Everything is ready for the new version ofCelebrity Island 2022 Which officially kicks off this evening under the management of Elari Plassey. Many new competitors are ready to join the viewers of Channel 5 and test themselves on the beaches of Honduras. The cast is diverse and the many names should bring different age groups together. However, there are among the most awaited competitors Guendalina and Eduardo Tavasi. Sister and brother, very popular on social networks, the audience of the island is confident that Tavassis will be able to create many dynamics and give playful moments.

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Wait, however, too Clemente Russo and his wife Laura Madalone. With a strong and decisive character, the wife of Clemente Russo, in various guests, proved to be a resolute and courageous woman. Both athletes, they are ready to conquer everyone with the beauty of their love, but also with the strength they will show during the shipwreck in Honduras (Update by Stella Dependetto).

Isola dei Famosi 2022 competitors: pairs

Early in the evening of Monday, March 21, it will officially start Celebrity Island 2022 Now in its sixteenth edition. Who will be the contenders ready to land in Honduras? After the many rumors about the actors, in recent days, the names of those who will take part in the new TV adventure in the name of Honduran nature but also many physical tests and challenges but above all mentality have become. The big news of this remake by Elari Blasey You will see the cast split between Couples and singles. Speaking of the cast, we also refer to the presence of two thousand In the role of a reporter while in the studio Vladimir luxury And the Nicolas Savino The host will support this commenter.

There will be five pairs of untouchables inCelebrity Island 2022. The first thing that is announced is who formed it Gwendalina Tavasithe former Big Brother rival who actually drowned on the island in 2012, along with his lesser known (but well known on social networks) brother. Edward. Laurie Del SantoAnother familiar reality TV face will be co-starring with his partner Marco Kokolo Thus testing their relationship as a couple. Jeremias Rodriguezknown for being the brother of Argentine showgirl Belen, is engaged as a married couple with his father Gustavo. A couple “actually” but only technically is one consisting of Nick Luciani And the Silvano Michetti, two country cousins. Also in the cast Carmen de Petro And the Alexander Ianuni In the role of mother and son and finally the boxing champion Clemente Russowho tried again after the older brother as a couple with his wife Laura Madaloni.

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Singles Ready to Land in Honduras

If the husbands already cast fromCelebrity Island 2022 It may sound substantial, but it will be even more so with the arrival of singles, or competitors who will leave alone to venture into Honduras. After the release of 2005 and his participation in other reality shows such as Big Brother, Antonio Zequila Getting ready to live in touch with nature again. In the guise of an unprecedented outcast we will also find the Romanian actor Nicholas Vaporidis. Another name set to spark debate is that of a former Romanian pilot Marco Melandri, which in the past few weeks has caused a lot of talk due to the fact that some of its positions are considered incorrupt. Among the contenders is also a singer, blindAt number three is the X Factor 2020 who, according to the previews, will have a very interesting personal story to tell.

The cast of Island of the Famous 2022 is still very rich and also includes the former Big Brother winner, Floriana again, ready to depart for Cayo Cochinos. The degree surprises we can expect Ilona staler as well as from Roberta Morris. There will also be a report on lesser known names that, thanks to the reality show, will be able to gain huge popularity as Roger Baldwinmodel and pioneer, former Miss Argentina Estefania Bernal And the Jovana DjordjevicShe is also an important take on the world of fashion and is ready to surprise everyone with her beauty.

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