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Isola 16: Xia’s opinion in Episode Two


Self ‘Whoever gets off to a good start is half the battlethis edition of Celebrity Island Preaching good news. But you also noticed that more dynamics are born in three days in Honduras than in six months Gf Vip 6? wonder!

After the troca gate in ‘I’m Nearby’, we were delighted with the mobile gate, with accusations of alleged privileges granted to some and not to others since they were imprisoned in the hotel. Vibrating patterns on approved electric shaversfor medical needsAnd the indispensable rosaries cruelly denied. vile allusions and even veiled insinuations to a cry”That other person told me I didn’t say itAh, how rubbish looms over the horizon of Honduras!

Thanks to a cast that brims with combative skasamish*a, Floriana again And the Carmen de Petro Above all of course. but also ilary plassi which, unlike AfonzoInstead of nibbling the tacky cat fight in the cradle to go and devote himself to some embarrassing drapes Geocas Casilla Of those who only amuse the leader, he feeds them by throwing more meat on the fire and leaving the outcasts slaughtered alive. Are you too, heck!

there Carmen Who can’t stand Laurie Del Santo Why “She’s a friend but she’s so fakeThere Laura Madaloni That sbrocca live against Petro Why “When I tried to explain the story of the nominations you sent me to do in the ass!Then there Floriana which gives to Nicholas Vaporidis follower”notorious franchise” And the Vaporides who claims to Seconds He is “A great victim“. Neither Jeremias Rodriguez He seems to have a lot of sympathy for Nicholasbut it has less than that Carmen (Since – when this was a pastry dad Gustavo in your name h Alessandro Iannone specify that “Self a beer It’s so good it’s also thanks to his mom!“- he immediately added that”I’m sure if there were no cameras he would answer a lot, so I don’t know how good they were…“).

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And in the midst of these breaches of the first plane there is also a space for Amorazu in the distance between them Roger Baldwin And the Estefania Bernalwhich appears to havemade sparks“Already at the hotel, before landing, and above all for the very ridiculous relationship between my mom Carmen And the Alexander. who wants it”underestimate“But then he’s the first to film scenes of jealousy, then.”She is completely naked” Why “I don’t want others to look at all the abundance in front of him“. she is the one “Treat him like a slave, poor thing(Previous source) This will only allow him to participate when he graduates and receives a salary. Freud Who is the?

On any reality show, the first few days are usually marked with “good luck‘, from the fake compliments and those occasional smiles while studying opponents. These three lost days I’m in Honduras and I’m already jumping into the jugular. Here’s some important potential, Riga. I dare not think what will happen when, in addition to gnawing at his liver from arguing, his stomach will also twist hungry.

In such cases, I worry that there is no 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even‘Island. How can all that juicy waste be reduced to 7 minutes a day, how? I’m a simple person, I just like to enjoy accessories that fly and curses that get lost in peace. Without the initials of loves in the airLet’s kill them.

However, in the midst of all this delicious annoyance, I have no intention of taking sides for the time being. We got off to such a good start that I don’t even want anyone to be cut off from TV, let alone that. we have one CarmenUnbearable“(c. Clemente Russo), a Floriana Who has with the world and Antonio Zequila Who can even make saints blasphemy. In what sense should we deprive ourselves of any of them so quickly?

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Yeah, well, I know they ship it to Playa Sajamada Their fate has not yet been decided. But it’s a shame to break up these actors* and on different shores, honestly. Takes Patricia Bonetti, For example. She was then lost among the official outcasts Social Media Manager atIsland Accidentally spoiled his existence cast et voilaIt’s already up and running in Episode Two. which begins by saying thatIf someone doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll let them realize it in a short timewho givescute slimy” for Zekela And who claims that? VaporidesHe can pull less“Isn’t it an objective waste, away from the group?

With all the best for Roberta Morris (which we discovered does not contain “a lot of modesty‘Be sensitive to’Restrictions like swimwear“Above all fear of potential disagreements because”There can become a little Tamra!’), but I wish there was patty To beat her in that endless experience of fire to win a place associated with that cute blind. Instead we have to hope so Ilona Stallerelected chief of Playa Sajamada (From everything except this fake Marco MelandriWhew!), on Monday’s episode chose her to pair up with her and get back in between the others.

This new game is a bit tortured, to tell the truth. Mankow is very clear on how the final eliminations are determined, given that those who lost out on TV are still there for now. But the second “busy” beach is definitely more interesting than having to go there Beatrice Marchetti In the service who spends his time alone to create miss you Palm leaf fashion, that’s it. The more people who live together on those islands, the closer the clashes will be. And that’s exactly what we want.

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But now I have truly need to Gwendalina Tavasi. I need it and crave it. In this climate very peaceful and peacefulShe and her brother Edward They are just the perfect icing on the annoyance cake. of two Country cousinsI am honest, not that I miss her, but on the contrary. But I trust that at least for the third episode Guenda’s quarantine is over‘Cause I need to see some liver explode. This garbage is never enough here.


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