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Isola 16, rebel group against Marco Macarini: this is what happened

Isola 16, rebel group against Marco Macarini: this is what happened

Marco Macarini He tries hard these days to get busy in Honduras, but his experiments often fail, causing the group to revolt. On the daytime broadcast today, the castaway attempted to put a core inside a tin can to ward off mosquitoes and set it on fire. He thought he was doing a good job but inadvertently Pamela Petrrollo I touched the jar and it burned:

Marco Through his experiments he developed an essence that he believes should repel these mosquitoes, but the hell you want to tell me that it burns. I assumed it wasn’t burning.

Carmen de Petro He followed closely, and began to turn against him:

Because he thinks he’s doing good things and then in the end they all turn out to be a disaster.

The speaker’s apologies were useless:

I’m so sorry and I also feel like crying, enough I’m sorry.

In addition to the jar that caught fire, the souls of the two drowned people soared, surely not sending them to say:

road Marco I don’t like it at all because Rosicon, idiot, Isola dei Famosi has taken this as a stage where he wants to show he’s doing good things. They all turned out to be fake.

Marco Macarini very angry:

You have nothing to do with it, you are intentionally adding to the pretending, please stop. Enough please, please, stop.

Carmen He accused him of being a liar:

You’re a liar, I won’t let you go through this. Since you got here, you’ve been doing all sorts of crap. Let me say it because others do not have the courage to say it.

The castaway complained again:

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since my arrival Carmen She slayed me, she teases me, but I always smile, but she always wants to make a show. not me.

Later she chose the spirit of the island Marco As a “judge” in the reward test: he had to judge the goodwill of the outcasts in the order of the island. After the challenge is rewarded Nicholas Vaporidis And Pamela With a nice steak.

Eduardo Tavasi Express dissatisfaction with the group:

I do not agree with the choice Marco, because it makes no sense. Choosing someone who came 7 days ago against people who were here 2 months ago is ridiculous.

You just had to pick someone who’s been here for two months. Enough, it doesn’t make sense, you’re feeding a girl who arrived 7 days ago against Laurie or Carmen.

macareni He justified himself by saying that these challenges exist precisely to create similar situations.