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Island 16, Clemente Rosso remembers the four shipwrecks who disappointed him the most

Island 16, Clemente Rosso remembers the four shipwrecks who disappointed him the most

Clemente RussoAnd After the elimination at L’Isola dei Famosi in the last episodeHe came back to say his word on social media as he answered some questions from his fans through his profile Instagram From the program, he evaluated his experience on the reality show with his wife Laura Madaloni.

Is there anything the former boxer might change along the way?

I recently got out of Celebrity IslandWell, of course I was a little upset, maybe what I’ll never do again is some squabbling.

Who is the second liar outcast? Clemente?

The most wrong is Nicholas Vaporidis

When asked, “Who do you hope Al Jazeera will win”, the athlete replied:

What a good question! At this point I wish with all my heart Marco Cocolo.

Clemente He never hid that he was a gourmet: what food did he miss the most?

My Neapolitan pizza. I can’t wait to eat!

A user also asked him how many kilograms he had lost:

I know myself physically, I think I lost at least 12 kilos.

What was the hardest thing about this experience?

I think it was getting away from LuraBecause I knew Laura was here.

A careful observer of the island’s dynamics asked Clemente Russo If you believe you have been penalized for creating a team:

I think being part of a group gave me some disadvantage because our group wasn’t as cohesive as the exes Kucaracha.

Did you find adrenaline on the island again?

I got all the adrenaline back, especially when we won some great tests.

When asked who the outcast was the most disappointed, Clemente He did not name one, but four:

they let me down Nicholas, Carmen, Alessandro, But most important of all Present.

Who would like to see the former castaways again when they return to Italy?

The people I want to see again outside this island are the people we started with back then Jeremias, Gustavo, Blind, Zequila, Roberta. the first.

What score would you give this experience?

I give this experience a 10 because it was beautiful, to say I would do it again is a bit heavy, but I will consider it.

Are there pebbles in your shoes that you haven’t taken off yet?

There are never pebbles in my shoes, but if I really had to remove those pebbles, I say: “You guys did it, you managed to drive me out. Now show me how rich you are on your own!”