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Is Yelenia Karisi alive? That vision refreshed hope

Is Yelenia Karisi alive? That so-called vision that brought hope in the hearts of all family members.

Yelenia Karisi is alive or not? Over the years, there have been a lot of so-called scenes, from that dramatic night in which the girl unfortunately disappeared, as we know, and there is no longer any trace.

Then many ask themselves many years later if he’s still alive. Albano and Romina over the years made many appeals so that there could be new evidence but there was a lot more Reports Faulty or anyway custom-built only and to cause chaos only, without having the ambition to offer valid help.

However, out of all of these things, one in particular had so much weight that many thought it could truly be a road. Walkable After many years, I am back home, the daughter of the most beloved version of Italian music ever. Here’s how it went.

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Is Yelenia Karisi alive? This time, I rekindle hopes

ylenia carrisi

Is Yelenia Karisi alive or not? Many wonder, however, that there is an anecdote to be told by CineMalefica, as it was reported that time when a journalist announced that he had seen from afar the daughter of Albano and Romina who had disappeared.

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The man who set the alarm, at the time, was a very popular reporter, yet he relayed the words of an acquaintance who in turn was sure he had seen her. But it doesn’t stop there.

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As always, according to the police’s admission, in fact, there is also a photo taken by the man in question of the alleged Yelenia Karese who, today, was going to be a woman and no longer a girl.

In short, the mystery has become more and more intense, but unfortunately even this path ended in another so-called dead end, such as Monastery path Or one in it He was thought to be in Italy.