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Is this asteroid really an alien spacecraft?

Is this asteroid really an alien spacecraft?

We first saw ‘Oumuamua on October 19, 2017; It was the first interstellar object ever discovered by man. We saw him cross the solar system with his mouth open and from that moment on scientists have put forth the most divergent theories (yes, it was even a strange artifact).

Today, the most consistent theory holds that it is the so-called “nitrogen iceberg,” a Pluto-like portion of a planet from another solar system. But not everyone accepts this definition.

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Professor Amir Siraj and Professor Avi Loeb have published an article arguing that according to their measurements it is very unlikely to be a piece of the planet, due to its particular shape, and because of the planet’s strange accelerations and deflections. revolves in orbit. According to them, it is an extraterrestrial solar sail.

“The nitrogen model is now out of the question,” Siraj said. “This means that the mystery of ‘Oumuamua remains wide open, motivating even more vigorously the study of things like this in the future. This is the goal of Project Galileo, which he had the privilege to lead: to discover and characterize things like ‘Oumuamua, and finally understand their nature.”

In any case, the position of the two scientists remains an alternative and is not well seen by the scientific community. On the other hand, Oumuamua remains an incredibly fascinating being and will continue to be studied to fully understand its essence.

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