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Is Project Shaolin a third-person action with Wu-Tang Clan music?  -

Is Project Shaolin a third-person action with Wu-Tang Clan music? –

Among the rumors circulating about new exclusive games for Xbox Series X | s The mystery also appeared recently Shaolin ProjectThis is a project that is still code-named and not officially announced, but according to some it will be a third-person action with a soundtrack by Wu Tang Clan.

An insight came into the mysterious game in question jeez cordon, a journalist from Windows Central and a lost insider, who has always been considered a fairly close element of the Microsoft environment, to the point where he can be relied upon regarding Xbox-related rumors, even if they are still at all unofficial or matching information, for the time being. .

According to Corden, this mysterious project Shaolin, which has appeared among the unannounced projects underway at Xbox Game Studios as an outside collaboration, will be developed by Copper Lion Entertainment, a newly formed team out of London and it will be a third-person action with a fantastical or fantastical setting in the general sense, that’s not straightforward.

According to reports from Corden, the game will be “animated-inspired”, with a campaign single player Kind of long but also having co-op for four players, all focused on hand-to-hand combat, perhaps using martial arts, given the codename used for the project.

There also seems to be a loot system and the presence of dungeons, so the elements that somehow refer to an RPG, even if they are clearly hybrids, but the element that plagues most of this set of details is the fact that Audio recording It should consist of the Wu Tang clans, no less.

It also appears that Jeff Grob agrees with the latter, at least according to a strange exchange between the two on Twitter. However, the reference could also simply be based on the 2015 New York historical hip-hop group’s 2015 album Once Upon A Time in Shaolin as well as the fact that Shaolin philosophy and Theosophy are frequent in the group’s work, so we don’t. You really know how to take it. Project Shaolin will be one of the unannounced projects, along with “Belfry,” in development for Xbox Series X | S according to Corden.

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