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Is Project Indus an exclusive 4X strategy game from Oxide Games?  -

Is Project Indus an exclusive 4X strategy game from Oxide Games? –

From a Windows Central investigation, possible clues emerge about the emergence of another Xbox Series X exclusive game | S and PC Produced in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, in this case one 4X real time strategy Recognition Indus Project By Oxide Games.

This information also comes from a recent report by Jez Corden, a journalist at Windows Central, based on various clues and information gathered, as happened with Project Cobalt, the new Steampunk game that InXile could make.

The title in question also appeared on the popular list for GeForce Now, the protagonist of a leak that reported somewhat exciting information including several PS5 and PS4 exclusives for PC, which Nvidia only partially rejected and which it defined as “virtual”.

Anyway, even in this Indus project there is no certainty, but the idea is interesting: it would be a strategy RTS 4X, something reminiscent (with one feature or another) of civilization, the human race, or Stellaris, and focused on collecting, managing, evolving, and conquering resources.

developers, Oxide Games, they already have experience in the field of being the authors of Ashes of the Singularity, so the association between team and gender makes sense, even if everything else has to be confirmed. It would also be a somewhat special option: RTS 4X isn’t exactly the typical exclusive you happen to see, after Age of Empires 4, always by Xbox Game Studios, but it’s also true that Microsoft’s internal teams are proving to be great variety of products in recent years.