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Is Michelle Obama the US President in 2024?  The hypothesis of the last nomination scares Donald Trump

Is Michelle Obama the US President in 2024? The hypothesis of the last nomination scares Donald Trump

He is not running for president, and in the past he has already denied that he wants to run for president White House. Possible pedigree in the field Michelle ObamaHowever, the effects of others can be modified US Election 2024. According to a close source Donald TrumpIn fact, theFormer First Lady and ex-wife President Barack Obama This will scare the chancellor and his supporters, who believe they already have victory in their pockets.

Michelle Obama US President in 2024: Words by Mark Zell

She could be a game changer”. These are the words of the lawyer Mark ZellVice President Republicans Foreign – Supporters Grand Old Party Non-residents of the United States – About possible entry into the domain of Michael Obama.

As reported Republic, the hypothesis would actually scare Trump supporters. Zell confirmed this for a conference in Milan #There’s PublicaniIt is expected Turn in the summer.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama attended the US Open tennis tournament in New York

“Joe Biden – explained the man – could withdraw from the race as he did before the August convention Lyndon Johnson In 1968″.

In this case, Democrats are likely to focus on the California governor Gavin Newsom, a choice that probably wouldn’t change the balance of votes. “If she doesn’t take the field at the last minute…”.

“The next few weeks are going to be very interesting,” Zell continued during the Milanese event Volunteers for ItalyOrganized to launch an international center-right platform supporting Republicans, Atlanticism, and Israel.

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At the last minute, the field came down

Michelle Obama has already announced that she will Support for Biden’s campaign Exactly four years ago.

However, there are many Republicans who believe the former first lady will jump into the fray at the last minute. Among them, a Congresswoman from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Green and Senator from Texas Ted CruzPeople who have been repeating it for weeks.

Already an oversight from the beginning of the year New York Post — and accordingly Joe Biden will drop out of the race — brought up his name.

She is the second former first lady to run for the White House

If this scenario becomes reality, there will be a 60-year-old The second is a former first lady Later he runs for the office of President of the United States Hillary Clinton.

If she is later elected, the Obama family will become a double record holder: Michelle is, in fact, not only the first former first lady to become president. First woman president.

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