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Is it visible to the naked eye this year?  Here's the truth

Is it visible to the naked eye this year? Here’s the truth

Will the Christmas comet also be visible with the naked eye for this year, 2021? Here are all the details about it.

A Christmas Comet is ready to blast off into the sky in December (Photo: Pixabay).

Just over a week and December will officially enter, one of the most awaited months of the year and The festive period par excellence; Many are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas, but there may be another exciting event coinciding with it.

Long before the famous Christian holiday, it was Christmas Guilty, which can apparently be visible to the naked eye. A show not to be missed!

The return of the Christmas comet and details about it

popularly called by everyone Comet Christmas, Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) It was only discovered last January by a scientist of the same name, and is ready to talk about it even in the coming weeks.

The comet will reach the lowest distance from Earth in December 12 2021And it will be visible to us just before sunrise and right after sunset, when the distance from Earth is “only” 34 million km.

It seems that this comet, in addition to being the brightest of the year, will leave our solar system after reaching the closest point to the sun, according to calculations, on January 3, 2022.

comet christmas
The show is coming in December (Photo: Pixabay).

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NASA itself invites all citizens to pay close attention to the sky: Watch the sky and watch the news, because comets can sometimes surprise us by releasing large bursts of gas and dust as they approach the sun.Writes US Government Agency.

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So there can be a great show, even if it is It is difficult to predict how much dust and gas a comet will emitBeing a phenomenon rich in variables; So the intensity of the visual scene itself will be a real surprise.