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Is Eros Ramazzotti single again? “With Dalila Gelsomino there is a deep crisis and they have also stopped following each other on social media.” But he denies it by posting a photo together


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The weekly magazine “Chi” supports this, in its column “Chicche di gossip”, explaining that a storm has been brewing between the singer and the 35-year-old former model for some time.

Air crisis between Eros Ramazzotti H Guide YasmineThe weekly wrote:Chi“, even assuming that the singer is single again. «There is a storm in the air between the singer and his partner Dalila Gelsomino – we read in the column “gossip gems“For this week – . Despite attempts to fix things, there will be a deep crisis between the two (who no longer follow each other on social media) that will last for some time.” In fact, by checking the Instagram accounts of the participants directly under “Following”, the profiles in question no longer appear, even if Gelsomino is still following Aurora RamazzottiEros’ eldest daughter, as well as the singer’s many fan clubs and even his ex-wife number two, Marika Pellegrinelli (which I sent her a lovely thought when she became a mom again) and she still has a very nice post. (With pictures) Dedicated to the singer. Which, on the contrary, on his page Keep a nice picture with your partner.with loving dedication attached.

The story between Ramazzotti The 35-year-old former model – who lived in 2016 Carmen Beachin Mexico, where he works in real estate and organizes events – was confirmed in March of last year, with the first social release even if it seemed that the two had been together since October of the previous year, as some snapshots together, saved in the stories, showed. From this moment Ramazzotti His girlfriend was no longer hiding, and at some point a rumor spread of her alleged pregnancy (which they both immediately denied). A few days ago there was Jasmine She had posted a video clip, which went viral immediately, in which the singer was seen trying to get the attention of her partner, who was busy with her cell phone, during a party.

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Neither of the two have publicly commented on the rumors surrounding them, but Eros appeared to deny the rumors in the evening, posting a message on his Instagram Stories. The picture of him hugging his girlfriendOn the sea and in the middle is a heart, a sign that harmony reigns between them.

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