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Is cloud for purchased games imminent?  Clues arrive from Microsoft Store -

Is cloud for purchased games imminent? Clues arrive from Microsoft Store –

In June, Microsoft announced that subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate You will be able to play in the stream through the cloud Also AI Purchased games Other than catalog service. And the launch of this new feature seems imminent, according to clues that have arrived from the Xbox Store in the past hours.

Some users on Reddit have discovered that some games not currently listed in the Game Pass catalog have an alternate URL that leads to a page that allows you to start playing them via xCloud. For example, in the two images below we see Elden Ring and Soul Hackers 2.


ResetEra users later found out Almost all games On the Xbox Store, there is an alternative page for playing through the cloud.

The view is honest: just use “” instead of “” as The base URL for any US Xbox Store page. For example, with this Link You get to Dying Light 2: Stay Human (to see the option correctly, you must first log in).

By clicking Play, of course, nothing happens, as they are most likely “placeholder” pages waiting for cloud game streaming to be officially merged for all games not included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog. But this seems to indicate that the feature’s launch might not be far off anyway.

Ashley McKissick, Corporate Vice President of Games at Microsoft, last June He declared: “One of the main requests our users made to us was to be able to play all the games they own in the stream, even those that are not part of the Game Pass catalog. For this reason, during the year, subscribers Game Pass Ultimate will be able to play all the titles they They have them in the cloud, provided, of course, that they support the game in live streaming.”

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