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Is butter allowed in the diet?  The answer is by no means clear

Is butter allowed in the diet? The answer is by no means clear

Butter – iFood (Pixabay photo)

Can we eat butter even if we are on a diet? If you think you know the answer, you should probably read on.

When we start a My diet Usually the first thing that comes up is limited sugars and fats. We know very well that sweets do not allow us to lose weight, and fats are bad for us.

What many people ignore is that even if we are on a diet, completely eliminating food is not good at all, quite the opposite. We only risk creating imbalances.

Moreover, depriving yourself of a certain food only helps increased desire, So we often fall into temptation because we live there Deprivation as a punishment. This is why it is easy to regain the weight once you have finished the diet.

Among the fats that are generally eliminated from the diet, we find ghee. But are we really so sure that we should eliminate it from our diet? The answer is not as clear as you think.

Butter on a diet yes or no?

the ghee It is a dairy product consisting of fat, But compared to the oil it contains Low energy value. Would you have said that before? While oil is in fact composed almost exclusively of fats, the composition of butter is divided into 80% fat, 15% water component, and 5% proteins and carbohydrates, i.e. lactose The average share of butter, which must be eaten, is about 10 grams, or a tablespoon of oil.

We often tend to replace it With products we think are lighter or better. For example with Clarified butter or margarine But it is not better. These types can be beneficial if you have an intolerance or sensitivity to lactose or milk proteins. In fact, clarified butter is a pure fat because the water component is missing, so it’s best to reduce the dose even more. But it is certainly not possible to get rid of butter completely And do not replace it with oil.

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Replace butter - ifood
Butter – iFood (Pixabay photo)

the truth

Can we eat butter when it’s on our fingers? The answer is yes, without exaggeration of course. Even the doctor remembers that Jessica Falcon Nutrition biologist, who in magazine He explained:Short-chain fatty acids, such as those found in butter, provide energy for intestinal cells. Nutrients are specifically absorbed in the intestines.

But he adds: “However, the important thing is to always eat raw butter, never to cook it: it is easier to digest and keeps its sensory and nutritional properties intact. It is not recommended for cooking, as it oxidizes and spoils.” In short, as always, the important thing is not to overdo it, we can eat everything but in small doses. Butter too.