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Ipsos Polls: B.D.  The first party, the FD League, was defeated.  Fourth M5s

Ipsos Polls: B.D. The first party, the FD League, was defeated. Fourth M5s

Democratic Party First party e League It goes to third place Brothers of Italy, Which is placed behind B.D.. This is what the Ipsos survey released Print. DEMs rank first for +0.8 percent received in a week, thus achieving this 20.8 percent of the vote. He chases the party at a very short distance Georgia Maloney This causes another point jump in 7 days 20.5%. Third League It still comes to a consensus (-0.4%) and stands at 20.1%. Not even a single percentage point divided the first three camps, but they have not been on stage in the polls for at least three years. Only in fourth place 5 star motion Despite the acceleration for the project Giuseppe Conte After the settlement of the conflict with David Casalezio, he loses 0.6% 14.2% Approval.

Currently, again according to the Institute Nando buknocelli, Extended to center-left M5s 45.3% and is center-right front 49.8%. For the other parties, the new decline Forza Italia 9.2% (-0.6%) The uprising could be countered as a proposal to form an alliance between Leh and Azzurri Georgia Maloney. This, on the other hand, is the situation of small parties: art. One 1.4 (-0.2); Yes 1.8; + Europe 1.3 (-0.3); Iv 1.8; Action 2.8. Green Europe 1.2.

Finally, according to a weekly survey of the Prime Minister and the government, the trend is positive: Mario Draghi It grows by another two percentage points (70%), while its executive reaches nearly three (+ 2.9%) 68.8%. In terms of consensus among leaders, Giuseppe Conte is second only to the ECP’s former president, though 1.2 percent lower. Third Georgia Maloney 38.1% (+ 0.2%) and in fourth place Matteo Salvini 31.5% (+ 1.2%). They continue Enrico Letta (+ 0.8%) to 29.1% e Luigi de Mio Al 27% (+ 1%).

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