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iPhone, Face ID broken? Be careful about this aspect


With the latest update made by Apple, there may become a real risk for all users regarding the Face ID feature. What are we talking about? Here’s everything you need to know and how to fix a potential problem.

Is Face ID no longer working? Do not do this step (

I Face ID It is a technological system that allows biometric identification. Created and developed by apple Available on all recent iPhone and iPad devices. This system is based on Face recognition using a 3D scanner with structured light.

This system allows all Apple users to unlock their phones through simple facial recognition, in a way that ensures this Maximum security of all data and individual user privacy. In fact, we all input a lot of important and completely confidential information into modern phones. This level of security allows everyone to feel more secure.

Moreover, this technology also allows you to authenticate online purchases, access to apps, some reserved areas and much more. However, there is A problem that can become apparent if an error occurs. Here’s which one.

Face ID no longer works? In this case it can be a big problem: all the details

It is not rare that Face ID The one on your Apple device may be broken. Even a simple drop or bump from the phone is enough to cause this to happen The display device that allows us to recognize our faces has failed.

Potential danger if Face ID is broken (

If you activate “Protect stolen device“It would be appropriate to go ahead with immediate deactivation. Just in case Broken Face IDIn fact, the user may find himself in trouble regarding unlocking the iPhone.

more details

With the release of the operating system iOS 17 Update to Version 4.1In fact, the danger that… Face ID It can be a double-edged sword if the sensor is broken too high.

In fact, it will not be possible to transfer data from this iPhone to another phone if the new “Stolen Device Protection” function is activated.

The only solution, in fact, would be Phone for helpwait for the arrival of original Apple parts and use the following unlock code sent by the parent company to restart the device.

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