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Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit customers are victims of phishing

Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit customers are victims of phishing

Some customers of the credit institutions Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit have received fraudulent emails intended to steal their checking account access credentials.

Researchers from a cybersecurity company Bitdefender He explained that the phishing campaign in which the two Italian banks participated took place at the end of June.

Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit customers are victims of phishing

Account holders who were victims of the cyber attack received a classic phishing email in their inbox that warned them to take urgent action due to their checking account being disabled or some feature, hence the need to enter their bank account credentials. The portal, obviously fake, to regain access.

To get around the less attentive users, cybercriminals have created phishing emails that are similar to the original messages and are therefore highly credible.

According to Bitdefender researchers, the phishing attacks have Japanese IP addresses and were launched by the same criminal group for a short period of two days, so as not to be intercepted by fraud detection systems and anti-phishing solutions.

The pattern of phishing emails is always the same and they rely on an urgent warning that aims to catch victims off guard and make them act in a hurry before taking the necessary precautions.

Bitdefender anticipates that cybercriminals will return to targeting account holders at other banks in the coming weeks, and warns that future attempts to breach login credentials or account information may also come via emails asking for a password reset or warning of fraud attempts.

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