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Intermania, Dybala’s tears and Perisic’s promise: “Never Juventus” | first page


Whatever happens, it will be successful. Sunday ends a great season for InterWho defended the Italian champion title until the last day. Raise your hand, who After the departure of Conte, Hakimi, Lukaku and Eriksen, he was expecting to see the Nerazzurri win the Super Cup and the Italian Cup, and come out with their heads held high in the round of 16 of the Champions League with a victory at Anfield against his Italian counterpart. Liverpool reached the final and was fighting to the end for the Scudetto.

On Sunday, the tricolor will move from the Nerazzurri to the Rossoneri shirts. Because Milan, who has been seen in the last four matches they have won over Lazio, Fiorentina, Verona and Atalanta, cannot lose at Sassuolo.. Capable of winning at the San Siro with both teams in Milan, but they were having the worst moment of their tournaments. Among other things, facing Nirverdi was the only defeat owed toInter, who lost in the rest of the season only to two Champions League finalists (Real Madrid and Liverpool) and three more times in the Italian League, got rid of the matches they played and were winning by dominating Lazio, Milan and Bologna. .

Too bad, but Simone Inzaghi’s side played one of the best matches in Inter’s history. Also for this reason, the Nerazzurri deserves the applause of its fans by any means who on Sunday (May 22, the anniversary of the tripartite) The San Siro fills up again on the final day of the tournament against Sampdoria. Even if the Scudetto does not reach the second star, we must celebrate the Italian Cup that Juventus won in the final.

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Dybala played his last game on the field last night, and tears finally broke. The Argentine confirms he has the heart of Inter, a club increasingly associated with its players. unlike Historically, Juventus did not look at anyone’s face without gratitude (And it’s not always a bad thing, quite the contrary).

The last chapter is devoted to marketing rumors about Perisic at Juventus. We remember that for the Croatia international, whose contract expires in June Promise nearly 5 years. On September 10, 2017, Ivan scored the 2-0 goal against SPAL at San Siro and on social media responded to a Juventus fan who called on him to move to Turin: “Never, my friend.”.


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