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Interesting, referee refuses to shake Pulisic’s hand at America’s Cup: What happened?


USA’s disappointment in America’s CupCoach Berhalter’s team was: Eliminated in the group stageThe defeat of the Americans inLast day of groups vs.UruguayThe Milan winger himself was the protagonist in a particular episode at the end of the match.

Referee refuses to salute Pulisic: What happened?

Peruvian rule Kevin Paolo Ortega He was the protagonist. Several errors During the match. Pulisic always asked for clarifications as the captain of the United States. The tensions escalated more and more, to the point that on some occasions tensions rose between the Americans He also shouted at the race director.At the end of the match, Pulisic approached the referee and the assistants: he saluted the latter and also extended his hand towards Ortega, who nevertheless He carries it behind his back. She looks at him intently.

America’s Cup and USA out of group

He thought about condemning the United States. Mathias Oliveira:Napoli full-back in the 66th minute gave Bielsa’s team the last three points, allowing the national team to close the group with full points. Coinciding with the defeat of Pulisic and his teammates, Panama Won against Bolivia situation United State In third place. Panama lost its first match to Uruguay and won the second day against the United States 2-1.

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