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Inter, the match against Atalanta says one thing.  left wing?  Priority is something else

Inter, the match against Atalanta says one thing. left wing? Priority is something else

Inter’s career stopped at eight consecutive victories in the league. Absences do not prevent Atalanta from proving that they are one of the most difficult teams to face. As has happened on other occasions, Gasperini chose to face the match by setting up a singles match. The stifling pressure pushing to the edge of the penalty area is Inter who initially struggled to get out. Inzaghi’s team is actually inaccurate, but when Bergamo’s players fall, they take the field and chances flow on both sides, especially in the final with Handanovic who saved the Nerazzurri’s goal. After the Super Cup winning goal, Inzaghi gave Sanchez confidence, but this time he doesn’t bite Alexis even if his match consisted of a lot of races and he came close to scoring but Musso beat himself with a great save.

To support the Chilean, Eden Dzeko, who plays a good match, but misses several goals. This is from No. 9. A topic that occasionally comes back to the fore, in the summer should be the priority of Marotta and Ausilio. Also because Correa is still struggling to get ready, when he seemed to be entering his best form, injury has arrived and Tucu’s condition is not yet over the top. It is clear from the race with the goddess that Attack is one of the sections that will need to be restyled in the summer.

The Super Cup effort was there and it was clearly visible as he admitted it Handanovic who kept the ball at his feet for 4 minutes throughout the match:Today the ball was at my feet because the players put a lot of energy into the Super Cup and didn’t move much“.

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The good news is that this season they will not have to face Atalanta, so far the only team that has put the Nerazzurri in difficulty for extended periods of the match. This time the bench did not reward Inzaghi. The Nerazzurri coach is “forced” to put pressure on the usual three in midfield (Barilla, Brozovic and Calhanoglu), because an equally strong alternative to the three is missing on the bench. Vidal holds up hard for 90 minutes at high intensity. Vecino and Sensi seem outside the art project. The real priority now is not the left winger, but a midfielder who is able to allow a key player to catch his breath.