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Inter Report Cards – Gagliardini’s move doesn’t pay this time, Lautaro the best

Lazio 3-1 Inter
(40′ Philip Anderson, 76′ Luis Alberto, 86′ Pedro; 51′ Lautaro Martinez)

Handanovic 6 – Having asked him, more than once, to stand up and also keep his people afloat. Almost the responsibilities on the goals (he comes out later than the first?), especially the second in front of his beauty he can not help but bow.

Screeniar 5.5 – At the end, he raises the oars into the boat, too. With his body and face, he closes several doors in the face of his opponents, but ultimately fails to make the wall fans know and shuts him as tense as the entire team.

De Frij 5.5 – With Ciro, he knows, a second distraction can be a killer. Among the whistles of the Olympico, he whistles for a quarter of an hour and is supervised by his former teammate. Since then, everything has been fine, until the last uncertainties of the Dutch player.

sticks 5 – The protagonist in the passive marking the action that led to the Biancoceleste advantage, failed to get the back guard back on track and even in the offensive phase he lost oomph.

Dumfries 6.5 – His first close to the match, he has some of the most dangerous things Inter have ever done. Lautaro’s header was also his, and in essence he was also one of Inter’s top marks tonight. (From 69 darmian 5 – Less powerful than the Dutch, but especially in its parts it penetrates Lazio).

6 – stretcher It supports Dumfries’ vitality, without giving special blows to genius. Fighting behind him, without fear of physical incompatibility with Ficino, in not looking through the central streets he sees little. (from 77 ‘Correa sv).

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Brozovic 5.5 – We have to sew the seams, but we also have to start the engine when needed and it’s missing tonight. He got too low, maybe too low, and lost the duel in the control room with Cataldi.

Mutant 5 – Is there more to it besides Milinkovic? To a certain extent, because this time the tactical move is not enough. And the Serb in the evening of grace does what he wants. More of its advantages than the disadvantages of the previous Atalanta, but so be it. (Starting at 77 ‘ Calhanoglu sv).

Demarco 5.5 – Waiting for Robin, he will gladly apply for the role of Batman. However, the diagonals remain in the shadows, such as the misreading that leads to Anderson’s advantage. In the offensive phase, his fragile left-handed is a valuable, if not invested, resource. (From 69′ Gooseins 5 – The first touch explains why at this moment he started behind. He has to catch up.)

Lukaku 5 – Immobile predicted 20-25 a goal for him, in front of him stuck. When it has meadows to exploit its power, it proceeds but does not penetrate; In the strait, this is not new, it is even more difficult. It has to be said, not a lot of scoring by his teammates. (From 69 Dzeko 5.5 – Little time in the field, but still does not affect).

Lautaro 6.5 – It ended like a star, it started again the same way. His magical moment continues, he tries even when others give up. Good losers.

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Inzaghi 5 – He has reintroduced the idea of ​​having Gagliardini restrain Milinkovic and it works to a certain extent. Changes are late and the team is very lopsided in search of a draw that does not arrive: a new Perisic was not made overnight, but it is a solution that Inter no longer has and must find in the squad.

Lazio Inter 3-1, the story of TMW