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Inter-Parma, CM report cards: Acerbi man providence.  Invincible Korea |  first page

Inter-Parma, CM report cards: Acerbi man providence. Invincible Korea | first page

Onana 6.5: Save the score instantly with a Vazquez shot a few minutes later. He couldn’t reach Juric’s fiery ball, but he avoided Parma’s double with a plastic flight to deflect a beautiful Benedicak shot.

d’Ambrosio 5: Out for months, cold, he makes an unfortunate mistake in the hallway by putting Vazquez in front of Onana, and luckily for him, the Argentinian left foot is weak and falls prey to the Nerazzurri goalkeeper. Again and again with a clear header, this time a great assist for Benedicák, who didn’t allow himself to ask and kicked quickly, and Onana obliged again.

(from 36th Street) immature 7: The air play that sends Lautaro kicking is beautiful and clever, but the Argentine misses the stop and misses the play. He admired and is still ready in the attacking phase when he takes off on Buffon’s rebound and with a header from the penalty line, in Loeb, taunts him with a shot of precision and clarity. caring man.

de frig 6: Going out on Benedyczak is conceptually correct but it puts the defense in crisis because Mkhitaryan is not going to fill that gap into which Joric slips for a 1-1. He risks nothing and eventually limits playing time to the pain of the blow.

Sticks 5.5: The rear does not suffer, but the contribution to handling is zero.

(From 21st Street Demarco 6,5: Stop the cashmere and the foul ball in the middle, which Buffon rejects as best he can towards Acerbi. This is how the Nerazzurri 2-1 was born. In the end there is always his hand).

Dumfries 4.5: He can direct his opponent a hundred times, but turn his back on him a hundred times and lean back on his close partner. Disappointed.

(From 21st Street Bellanova 6: refers to a guy who shows off his personality, then makes some subtle mistakes, but at least he tries).

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Galliardini 5: He entered with the lights from behind, pounced on a clever ball that Goossens gave him from the base line, but the right plate hit the net support post. We know quality, and it is what it is, and it doesn’t even show up against a team of a lower class.

Aslani 6.5: It starts with a lot of useless touches, right there, still in place. Then he gains confidence and starts making the ball run with some of his throws. The ball he gives DeMarco is beautiful, even if the most beautiful thing is the winger who stops in the run. Good signs, finally.

Mkhitaryan 5Fantastic intuition for Correa, but the Argentine took off later and arrived a moment too late on a ball that would otherwise have been perfect. He’s always too lazy to tag and repeats himself again this evening, when he sees Yorich leaving but lets him run away instead of chasing after him. The laziness that Internazionale pays dearly for, because the work ends with a 1-0 goal.

(From 21st Street Dzeko 6With his left foot, he tries to beat Buffon in the counter-time, but the Italian goalkeeper gets the better of himself by throwing himself to his right. Few playable balls occur to him, but his presence causes some discomfort to opposing defenders.

Gosens 5.5.0 update: A step back from his last appearance, in which he appeared eager and aggressive. It never penetrates.

(from 36th Street) Darmian 6: a toy soldier from whom you always expect to perform correctly. Organized, diligent, meticulous).

Lautaro 6.5Bad game until the 88th minute, then he found the spark and, thanks to Osorio’s deflection, sent 1-1 behind Buffon. He frees himself from behind and Dzeko serves up a great assist, but Buffon is on his way to the Bosnian. Bellanova served in the area, and he prefers an inexplicable cameo (favoring a yellow-and-blue restoration) over the more believable Diro, which could have been shot from an excellent vantage point.

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Korea 4.5: Another bad game. It is a continuous copy paste.

Simone Inzaghi 5.5.1 update: Inter’s best can be seen in extra time. The defense is still pierced and Parma were given many chances. A hard-won qualification went into overtime.

Parma report cards

Buffon 7.5: He wanted to be there and he did. San Siro gives him a bad welcome, but the disapproval does not bend his back but actually gasses him. At 1-1, a few minutes from the end, Dzeko repulsed the hero’s intervention, reminding everyone who did and who he was.

Del Prato 6: On the piece, from the first moment to the last, without being limited to the protection of the side lane alone. You’ll often find him pressing in the middle of the field, always closing in at the right time.

6.5 adults: They do a pretty good job between them and he’s no exception.

Valenti 6: Manji, always attentive and well placed.

(from 1 ‘sts about 6: as soon as he enters, he immediately does something of fundamental importance, expecting Dzeko to lurk behind him and knock out a very dangerous cross from Demarco).

Osorio 6.5: He plays a practically perfect game and then he is unlucky with his ball which sends Lautaro’s shot past Buffon.

Vasquez 5.5: He immediately finds himself left-handed with the ball to open the match. But all is lost from the wonderful location. at low speed throughout the game.

Burnaby 6: It is he who sees the first pocket for the arrow and starts the work of the guest feature with the perfect vertical position. However, his restart error was dangerous when Parma found themselves 4v1 on the counter-attack and lost the easy support of Sahm, allowing Bellanova to recover.

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(from 36th Street) Hino 6: Served by Gagliardini, he runs away on the counterattack but with his right foot he presses the diagonal too much and the ball comes out with a hair on Onana’s right.

Som 7: One of the best players on the field for Parma, he packs a body punch and throws himself in when he can. He does it also on the occasion of 1-0, when he then plays on the side with Juric giving him the assist that sends him shooting.

(from 36th Street) Michaela 5.5: Never enter the game.

Estevez 5.5: Among the least active, you see little but you work hard.

(From 29th Street Room 6: With a trick he sends DeMarco to the bar and kicks hard after entering the area, but Onana is warned. He doesn’t hide and in the middle of the field he always tries to make himself heard.)

Benedichak 6Work in cover and depth, and make yourself available to the team. He collects a bad rebound from D’Ambrosio and hits the ball, but finds Onana ready for the rebound. It remains the most beautiful technical gesture in his game, but he sacrifices a lot for his team.

(From 29th Street English 5: read about his entry in the registration sheet).

man 6: He gets hurt and gets out half an hour early. He presses himself and sacrifices himself as long as he is on the field, and then his shot costs him dearly.

(from 26′ Jurisprudence 7.5: Fireball 1-0 Well received by all football fans. Bravo is also in the coverage, intercepting a cameo by Lautaro).

Fabio Pecchia 6.5: Parma itself shows organization and quality. Inter forced extra time and created several dangerous chances.