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Ultime novità per la fine di Giugno: possibile break temporalesco sull

Intense next week, the latest update changed everything; We’ll tell you what happens

Weather: Next week was intense, with the latest update changing everything; We tell you what will happen

Not only the scorching heat with the African anticyclone, but now the danger is extreme weather events

Latest news for the end of June: Storm is likely to break in ItalyWe expect an intense week from a meteorological point of view. Already June 20 to Monday theAfrican resistance It will strengthen Furthermore, it causes intense heat wave with record temperature in some fields.
But be careful, as the days go by the weather will change again as the dangerous infiltration of fresh and unstable air from Northern Europe will cause a real Storm breakdown With direct effects in Italy as well.

But let’s go properly. The week will open under the banner of Atmospheric Stability, which is an African anticyclone that guarantees plenty of sun in all fields. Due to the subtropical appearance of the air masses (interior of the Sahara Desert), in addition to good weather, we expect temperatures to rise, especially in the northern plains, the interior of the center and the two larger islands: as the thermometers are ready to scatter, causing a new heat wave Widely above 36 C, some records of the infamous summer of 2003 may fall..

But be careful, something is forming on the horizon: by expanding our view of the whole European chessboard, we can see the descent of the currents.Cold and unstable air The polar appearance, driven by a barometric depression centered between Scandinavia and the British Isles, can break the anticyclone until it sinks in our seas, leading to a definite energetic phase.
They are at risk of being created in our country Integrated areas Where do these important meteorological figures relate to and where their extreme extreme weather events (hailstorms, lightning floods, hurricanes) can occur, unfortunately reminds us of the latest news.
There Date of return Is to refer to the calendar Thursday, June 23rd. Maximum focus especially on regions North That is where it is, Due to the high amount of energy (moisture and heat in the lower layers of the atmosphere previously transmitted by the “Cypion” anticyclone) and the strong differences between completely different air masses, optimal conditions for growth can be created. Storm cells Strong winds and hail inland.

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Given the temporary distance and modeling uncertainty, there may be further adjustment over the next few days, with bad weather affecting other sectors more or less than what appears to be related to current data.

Strong storms are coming from 23/6 cold and unstable currents in northern Europe Strong storms are coming from 23/6 cold and unstable currents in northern Europe