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Instead of 4 days, a 6-day work week is coming to Europe


While in Italy, as well as in the countries of the rest of Europe, it is a possibility Reducing the work weekfrom 5 to 4 days But keep the same salary Greecein the opposite direction, decided in favor of A elongation.

in detail, It’s not an obligation Rather, it is a form Incentivestarting next July. Strong wage subsidies To those who lend Work activity during the Weekend.

Hence there is potential to work for 48 hours overtimeThus, reviewing the relevant legislationwork hours. In this way, Greece hopes to solve two main problems that also affect other countries (including Italy): on the one hand, the need to ensure a stable economic system. Salary increase For workers on the other handIncrease in productivity.

This measure comes at the height of Greece’s economic renaissance, which moved from the debt crisis of 2009 to one of the fastest growing European countries in recent times.

Labor reform in Greece

Greece, as well as Italy, have job sectors where it is difficult to find employees to hire. This inevitably has an impact negatively on productivityAs companies are unable to achieve the desired growth goals with the availability of employees.

This is a problem that can be solved through specialized training, which encourages the acquisition of the skills necessary to train new workers. But it takes time, which is why in Greece they thought of one idea The second solution: Allow those who are already there to Working longer hours H Earn more.

Therefore, starting in July, the restrictions on working hours are being reviewed, allowing up to 48 working hours per week. Whoever wishes, in agreement with their employers, will also be able to practice the profession Saturday H SundayThe beneficiaries of the salary increase are calculated as follows:

  • 40% increase for those who work on Saturdays;
  • 115% more for those who do it on Sunday.
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Thus, with this program, no one has to work weekend shifts: rather an incentive is created, which makes it easier to earn additional income.

A novelty that should particularly benefit women Industrial companies Highly specialized employees, necessary to carry out production cycles, often have to interrupt their production operations in order to respect working hours. But also other realities, such as banks, service companies and even the agricultural sector, where work can become more and more attractive.

Unlike a short week: a long week in Greece should be beneficial Alleviating labor shortages – Continuing to improve the economic situation in the country.

Working hours in Italy

In Italywork hours And based on 40 hours per weekAlthough there are national collective agreements that can provide for shorter hours. However, they cannot increase this limit.

There is clearly implementation potential rareBut within certain limits. At the same time, the legislation stipulates that for 7 days the working hours cannot be exceeded 48 raw, including overtime. However, the calculation is made taking into account a period 4 months (With the possibility of collective agreements extending this period up to 6 months, or up to 12 months, but only in the event of specific objective or technical reasons or in any case reasons inherent in the organization of work).

But at the same time, we must respect the relevant rules Daily comfort Which must equal at least 11 consecutive hours (calculated at 24-hour intervals). This means the most you can work for 13 hours a day.

As for the weekly rest, it should be one every 7 days At least one of 24 consecutive hours (usually Sunday) is combined with 11 hours of daily rest.

Working hours: rules for overtime, night shifts and rest


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