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Instant heat wave, extreme heat in many cities. Let’s see how long this pattern lasts


Weather: Instant heat wave, hot temperatures in many cities. Let’s see how long this pattern lasts

In the next few days, we expect a real heat wave in Italy, and many cities will become extremely hot.. A change in air circulation will introduce warm air masses of subtropical origin rotating from the southern quadrants towards our country. This movement will favor a growth and expansionA high pressure area from North Africa.

period from Friday through the weekend of June 28 The African anticyclone will extend its influence across Italy and cause a particularly significant heat wave.
The temperature rise will be intense in the south and main islands. In these areas, maximum temperatures can easily be reached or exceeded 40°CExtreme peaks are expected in Catania, Syracuse and Bari, especially inland SicilyEven higher peaks cannot be ruled out.
Central regions cannot escape this rise in temperature: Here the maximum temperature can be reached 35-36°CEven in cities like Rome and Florence it causes extreme heat conditions.
The Po valley and Alpine valley floors in the north are the source of heatwith close temperature 34°C Bolognese, Ferrara and other regions 35°C In the Bolzano area.
An element of variation will reveal itself Saturday 29th June Northwest: A rapid storm front moves from the northwest towards the alpine sector of the northeast, causing a moderate drop in temperature in these areas. This will be a prelude to what will happen in the coming days.

Heat surge with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius over the next few days
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Early next week will actually see Italy’s weather division. Northern areas are characterized by a note Atmospheric instability, with scattered rainfall and cooler temperatures than the rest of the country. Conversely, the central and southern regions will be under the influence of the African anticyclone, experiencing stable weather but still having to deal with intense heat. from Tuesday, July 2 A few storms and a drop in temperature will also affect the Mid-South, putting a temporary halt to the great African heat.


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